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Solitaire (1990) Cheats For PC

  1. Draw single cards in a Draw Three game

    Everytime you flip the top stack of cards, hold down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT and instead of flipping three card you only flip one card. This way you can draw single cards but still have the higher score of a ''Draw Three'' game.

    Contributed by: indigonight 

  2. Move a card to an illegal position

    Use the left mouse button and drag a card onto any legal position, just as you normally would, but do not let go of the left mouse button. While holding the card over the position, hit the Escape key once, then release the left mouse button. Now left click once on any face-up card at all and it will teleport to that position. You may also use the space bar and directional arrows to do this, however the final click to teleport the card must still be done with the left mouse button.

    Contributed by: DogDaySunrise 

  3. Infinite points

    To do this trick, finish a game of solitaire with the time bonus option on. The cards will start bouncing. Click on the solitaire screen and the play again box will pop up. Select no, so the solitaire screen is just blank green. Use the instant win cheat (Alt+Shift+2) and you will recieve the time bonus you got last game will be added to your last game's score. For example, if your time bonus was 5000, and your final score was 6000, after using this glitch, you will have a score of 11000. This glitch can be used as many times as you want.

    Contributed by: nado 

  4. Infinite Points

    In the Windows XP version of solitaire, draw from the deck at least twice. Hold control and drag a card down from the deck. Click the "A" key and then let go of the left mouse key. You will get 10 points for this. Continue doing this for infinite points!

    Contributed by: bensey 

  5. Force Victory

    This code should be entered during a normal game.

    Effect Effect
    Alt+Shift+2 Instant Win

    Contributed by: Roaddhogg 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by Dangerboy 7K

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Solitaire (1990) Cheats For Android

  1. Achievements

    Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and XP.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win 500 games 500 Club (1,500 XP)
    Move al Aces to the foundation before touching the stock Aces Up (2,000 XP)
    Place all cards face up in the tableaus. All Hands on Deck (500 XP)
    Get a standard score > 5,000 All-Star (1,000 XP)
    Play 1,000 games Apprentice (1,000 XP)
    Win 2 in a row Back To Back Wins (500 XP)
    Win 100 draw 1 games Centurion (1,000 XP)
    Win 10 games without using hints Go It Alone (500 XP)
    Get a standard score > 10,000 Hall of Fame (2,000 XP)
    Win a draw 3 game Hey I Won A Three (500 XP)
    Play 5,000 games Journeyman (2,000 XP)
    Play 10,000 games Master (2,000 XP)
    Get a standard score > 7,000 MVP (1,500 XP)
    Win a draw 1 game My First One (500 XP)
    Win a game in 95 moves or less No Wasted Effort (1,000 XP)
    Made it on the Winning Deals Leaderboard On the Board (1,000 XP)
    Get a Vegas Cumulative score of 1000 or more One Grand (1,000 XP)
    Win 5 games without using undo Perfectionist (500 XP)
    Find a better solution to a winning deal. Shorter than 'Show Me How' Prospector (1,500 XP)
    Win 2:15 or less Quick Draw (500 XP)
    Use Tell a Friend to let your friends know about Solitaire Shout It Out! (500 XP)
    Win a game in 105 moves or less Smooth Mover (500 XP)
    Win 1:45 or less Speed Demon (1,000 XP)
    Win 10 multiplayer games The Champion (1,000 XP)
    Win 3 games in a row Three-Of-A-Kind (1,000 XP)
    Win 50 draw 3 games Three's Company (1,000 XP)
    Play a perfect Vegas game Vegas Baby, Vegas! (1,500 XP)

    Contributed by: Sour