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Slam Tilt Pinball Cheats For Amiga

  1. Get 5 extra balls

    Type in LONGPLAY on any table at the beginning, as it is scrolling to get 5 extra balls.

    Contributed by: Crazyreyn 

  2. View Hidden Messages

    While playing, type in any of these to view some hidden messages - BARRY, COW, CHEAT, DANIEL, IAIN, KOTTEN, KLAUS, STEWART, WHIPLASH.

    Contributed by: Crazyreyn 

  3. Various Codes

    Enter the following code's after a table has completed loading to activate the corresponding cheat function.

    Effect Effect
    longplay 5-ball
    arcade action arcade sequences
    radioactive colour effects
    stoned drunk ball
    wipeout Reset high score tables
    smile smiley faced ball

    Contributed by: nick8676764