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Shining Soul II Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. SEGA message balloon

    Sacrifice the S, E, G, and A letters in the Temple of Light to get the SEGA message balloon.

    Contributed by: ravetrade 

  2. Reduce the HP of your clone

    While fighting your clone (sub-boss battle at the Demons' Tower), throw a herb at it. For some reason, the clone "uses" the item and it messes up its HP (reduces it to a relatively small amount). The clone can now be defeated by a few hits.

    Contributed by: Skater Sirian 

  3. Hold more than 100K gold in each ''bag''

    You are gonna have to have alot of gold for this one, check the glitch for multiplying gold.

    When you die, you will unequip an armor, drop it, and drop HALF of your gold in 1 Pile.
    So, if you have lets say, 500k with you, if you die, that will turn into 250k in 1 Bag!! Whats the advantage of this you say? Well, if you can hold more than 100k in each bag, that increases your total you can hold in your bank! The max in 1 gold pile is 1.25 million, which is made when you have 25 bags of 100k in your inv when you die. This increases your total from 7.5 million (100,000 per bag * 15 spaces in bank * 5 spaces of 15) in the bank to 93.75 million (1,250,000 per bag * 15 bank spaces * 5 screens)

    These results are only with 100k of gold. If you want a HUGE PILE of gold, use a few piles of 1.25 mill, so you could make a pile of 15.625 million gold. Then 195.3125 million, and so on.

    -Having more then 1million in a bag may be dangerous, I am not responsible for erased characters or such. I'm not sure if it could happen, but I'm not gonna test it, it's up to you from there . If you only have 1999998 in your inv when you die, you will get a pile of 999,999 gold. That should be safe.

    -I'm not sure what happens if you manage to get more than 9,999,999 in the bank, please be careful.

    Contributed by: godelboard 

  4. Throw Duplication

    Warning: This trick requires some pretty precise timing, and lots of practice.

    1.) Go to your items menu, and place any item into an item slot.

    2.) Exit the menu, then hold B to charge up the throw meter for that item.

    3.) Press R to bring up the item slots.

    4.) Press R again to switch items, and let go of B to throw the item at the same time.

    If done correctly, you will throw the selected item forward, as well as retaining one in your item slot. This trick is great for duplicating Yogurt Dolls, and the stat-boosting items (Power Wine, Quick Chicken, Bright Honey, Energy Bread).

    Contributed by: SilverFox79 

  5. Multiply money

    First, have over 100,000 gold in your bank and inventory combined.
    Next, put any amount of money into your inventory.
    Finally, grab the money in the bank and drop it on the money in your inventory. Make sure the total will exceed 100,000.
    When you do this, the bag that had the lowest amount of money will be duplicated. A new bag of money will appear with that amount in it, the bag that was originally in your inventory will have 100,000 gold in it, and the money from your bank will still be in your bank.
    This will not work if there is a money bag in your first two item slots. Also, whatever is in those slots will be replaced with the money.

    Contributed by: maskedman 

  6. Duping any item

    Step 1 - Drop anything you want to dupe on the bed where you start off
    Step 2 - Save, and load the file
    Step 3 - Pick up all the items that were on the floor at the bed
    Step 4 - Defeat Chaos and watch credits (long part here)
    Step 5 - Load file again, you should have all items in your inventory + the same items on the floor

    Contributed by: RaGNaRoK1127 

  7. Advanced Mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete the game once with any character. Select the Completed Character to open up Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode

    Contributed by: YummyTummy 

  8. Name Codes

    Enter one of the below as your character's name to start with a bonus.
    (These only work in the USA-version)

    Effect Effect
    Yoshi dex +5
    Genomes Genome Ring
    Nindri Have a Dream Hat in your inventory
    Vjum Have an Atlus Ring in your inventory
    Dengeki int +5 RTH +30
    VJxSS Power Gloves
    Montaka RDK +30
    Iyoku RFR +30
    Mizupin RIC +30
    Saophen RLT +30
    Hachi RPO +30
    Ninky str +5
    Taicho VIT +5

    Contributed by: RHINO0187, Invalid 

  9. Secret Character

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete the game once with any character. The next time you create a new file, a new Black Mage character will be selectable. Secret Character

    Contributed by: MegaTemplar 

  10. Sound Test

    When the atlus logo appears, quickly press the following:

    Effect Effect
    Up,Down,Up,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right,Up,Right,Down,Left,B Sound Test (Hold the START and press A at main menu, after the code is entered)

    Contributed by: shadowcore76 

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