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Shing! Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Complete the 5th lore room Bio Break
    Beat the 6th boss Floor Is Lava
    Beat the 5th boss Free Willy
    Beat the 1st boss Friendly Fire
    Complete the 4th challenge room Glasshouse
    Finish the story (Alternative Ending) I Guess You Can Keep It
    Master Level 7 I Make It Look Easy
    Master Level 5 I Was Born For This
    Complete Level 2 It’s Gonna Get Ugly
    Have 4 powerups on a single character It’s Over 9000
    Master Level 1 Just Warming Up
    Complete the 1st challenge room Knock Knock
    Complete the 5th challenge room Knuckle Sandwich
    Master Level 4 Leave It To The Professional
    Beat the final boss Matryoshka
    Complete Level 4 Monument Of Hubris
    Complete the 1st lore room Panic Room
    Complete the 2nd lore room Parting Glass
    Fight a secret boss Pick On Someone Your Own Size
    Master Level 6 Practice Makes Perfect
    Complete the tutorial Put Your Back Into It
    Complete Level 5 Return Of The Dragon
    Master Level 3 Show-off
    Complete the 2nd challenge room Six Feet Under
    Complete the 3rd lore room Skinny Dipping
    Complete Level 1 Something’s Missing
    Complete the 3rd challenge room Spelunking
    Complete the 6th lore room Storage Room
    Complete the 4th lore room Suitable Seating
    Complete Level 7 That Escalated Quickly
    Unlock all Shing Trophies. That’s All, Folks
    Achieve a 200 hit combo This Is Sparta
    Find a hidden encounter Unlikely Celebrities
    Master Level 2 Watch And Learn
    Complete the 6th challenge room Waterworld
    Finish the story We Can Handle It
    Beat the 4th boss We’ll Fight In The Shade
    Complete Level 6 Whitewater Rafting
    Complete Level 3 You Can Barely See The Sun
    Beat the 2nd boss You Shall Not Pass
    Beat the 3rd boss You’re Locked In Here With Me

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold