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Shin Megami Tensei IV Cheats For 3DS

  1. Horde Race Weakness

    A fact not mentioned in the game is how the enemies of the Horde Race are somewhat weak to attacks that hit all enemies. Because Hordes are detected as being five enemies for the game's targeting system, despite sharing one unified set of statistics like HP and MP, you can use attacks that hit all enemies (such as Critical Wave, Mazio, Maragi, and Mabufu) to hit these Hordes multiple times. This technique is able to far exceed the power of your basic Attacks and numerous other Skills on many occasions by at least triple their norm, and is even more useful if you use a Skill element that the enemy is weak to.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  2. Unlock Fellow Difficulty

    Die twice and on the second time, you will receive a program for your Gauntlet that will unlock an easier difficulty, the Fellow Difficulty. Note: You must pay Charon to revive in order for the mode to be unlocked. The game will not save death data if you simply reload without paying.

    Contributed by: BlueBombei2 

  3. Bring Over Demons (New Game+)

    Normally when you play a New Game+, all of your party's demons are erased and, as far as your initial party is concerned, you must start anew. However, if you have a demon being used for StreetPass at the time you defeat the final boss, this demon will not be deleted when you play a New Game+, allowing you to bring over super-powerful demons to your new game.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  4. Refill half of your team's HP/MP in battle with no cost.

    Normally when you hit on an enemy's weakness your respective player/demon will gain the status "Smirk". If you can accomplish this and retain the "Smirk" status for all four fighters before you run out of turns you will gain a free health and magic refill for each fighter of up to half of their respective HP/MP.

    Contributed by: AmegaiShiryuu 

  5. Game Ending File Markers

    After starting a New Game+ of either type, which of the four endings of the game you've gotten will be marked on your file header with special lights. Three endings are gotten through a hidden Alignment stat influenced by decisions you make, whereas the fourth is simply Alignment-independent. Alignment is measured from -100 to +100 integrally; the more positive you are, the more you are angled to Law, and the more negative, the closer to Chaos. (This value is hidden, again. You must keep track of it manually. Cynical men in the Hunters Associations late in the game will give vague hints as to which you are aligned to.)

    Opt to become the True Messiah Light #1 (Lime Green) - Nothing Ending
    Have an Alignment of +9 to +100 and beat the game Light #2 (Light Blue) - Law Ending
    Have an Alignment of -8 to +8 and beat the game Light #3 (White) - Neutral Ending
    Have an Alignment of -100 to -9 and beat the game Light #4 (Red) - Chaos Ending

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  6. Master Difficulty

    Beat the game once on any difficulty and with any ending to unlock the Master difficulty, which makes the game harder than normal.

    Beat the game once Master Difficulty

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  7. New Game+

    By beating the game (regardless of difficulty and ending), you will unlock the New Game+ option, which takes data from the file with which the game was beaten and transfers it to a new game. This will include the transfer of data from the Demon Compendium, demon analyses, play log, fusion data, and DDS data. As for the Apps, you will retain those of the type "Skill Expansion" and "Demon Skill+". You can also optionally choose to bring over level, stats, App Points, Macca, items, and equipment with "Reincarnation Restart", or skip those with "New Life Restart".

    Beat the game once New Game+

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

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