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Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. New Game +

    Finish the game once, and save your clear game file.
    Load the clear game file and play again, but this time, you get to keep previously earned Karma Ring, Mantra/Skill and Linkage.

    Contributed by: Darkness King 

  2. Unlocking Heat

    Inorder to unlock the characater Heat, you got to make the right choices through out DDS 1 and 2.
    Note that if you do choose to Unlock Heat in DDS2, Ronald would be replace

    In DDS 1:
    - When Heat decide to fight you in Coordinate 136, pick the first choice
    - After defeating Varon Omega at Brute's Base, pick the first choice

    Beat the game, after the credit roll, save the game when it ask you to.
    Start DDS2, when ask to load save from DDS1, load the clear data.

    In DDS 2:
    -At the EGG factory, pick the first choice.
    -After defeating Vitra, pick the first choice.

    Contributed by: Darkness King 

  3. Hard Difficulty

    Either by loading a clear save from the first Digital Devil Saga, or by completing Digital Devil Saga 2 you can select your difficulty of either Normal or Hard. Hard mode makes it harder to escape, (3/10ths the chance of normal mode) enemies hit you for 1.5 times more damage, enemies have a 1.5 times higher critical hit ratio, you hitting an enemie's weakness results in 2 times damage, and allows you to face an extra secret boss.

    Contributed by: Magmy 

  4. Girmehkala Sarge

    To fight this upgraded version of the normal Girimehkala enemy fight the normal Girimehkala enemy but DO NOT kill it, instead, kill any enemies that might appear with it but don't do anything to itself once you have his health down to less than 25% (red damage text) simply pass the remaining turns and it will talk about its Seargant, it will then run away and a much bigger Girimehkala will appear as reinforcements, this version has more health and is bigger but has the same attacks, strengths and weaknesses, it will also grant additional exp and atma upon defeat.

    Contributed by: DwzLITHUANIA 

  5. Berserker Ring

    Once you beat the game, load up your clear game file and start a new game on either Normal or Hard. Play the game as normal and get to the battle where a Ghoul says he has a Power Ring on. Upon winning, you'll also recieve the Berserker Ring, which allows you always fight in Berserk Mode without having the Solar Data be 7/8 or MAX.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game once and load the data and play up to where you get your first Karma Ring Berserker Ring

    Contributed by: PeTeRL90 

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