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Shin Hayarigami 2 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Shin Hayarigami 2 Trophy List for PS4

    Obtained all of the database 100% Database Obtained
    Reached all endings 100% Endings Acheived
    Acquired all illustrations 100% Illustrations Acquired
    Acquired all music 100% Music Acquired
    Obtained half of the database 50% Database Obtained
    Reached half of the endings 50% Endings Acheived
    Acquired half of the illustrations 50% Illustrations Acquired
    Acquired half of the music 50% Music Acquired
    All the wrong reasoning was selected during Reasoning Logic Abandoned Reasoning
    Completed the Aizen Setsuna route Aizen Setsuna
    Completed all routes with an S rank All Routes S Rank
    Read one gap book Behind the Story
    First time using a Courage Point Brave Decision
    Obtained all trophies Complete
    Completed all science routes Doctor of Science
    Remained silent during Liar's Art Don't Lie!
    Completed all occult routes Dr. Occult
    Repeated a self-question more than 3 times Endless Question
    Completed Episode 1 Episode 1 Cleared
    Completed Episode 2 Episode 2 Cleared
    Completed Episode 3 Episode 3 Cleared
    Completed Episode 4 Episode 4 Cleared
    Watched the opening movie Film Appreciation
    Completed the last Episode Final Story Cleared
    Finished Liars Art with Liars Meter at MAX Liars Master
    Obtained Yu for the first time with Reasoning Logic Name Reasoning
    Everything was done perfectly during Reasoning Logic Perfect Reasoning
    Used all of the Courage Points Running out of Courage
    Launched Tokyo Metropolitan Robo Tokyo Metropolitan Robo Departs!
    Reached the Marriage with Tanaka ending Virgin Road of Sorrow

    Contributed by: DreamWarrior805