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Severed Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 25 Trophies - 1 Platinum, 6 Gold, 12 Silver, 6 Bronze.

    Sever 50 enemies Adept Severer
    Sever 10 enemies Apprentice Severer
    Fully upgrade all of your skills and equipment Badass
    Complete a Mana Upgrade Brain Buffet
    Find your Brother's memento Brother Rememberance
    Make peace with the Wanderer Burdened
    Finish the game after finding all mementos Completed Memories
    Find every secret Detective
    Breach a Secret Devour Barrier Eating Through
    Defeat the Dragon Face to Faces
    Find your Father's memento Father Rememberance
    Fully upgrade one skill tree Feel the Power
    Sever 4 enemies in one encounter Filet Minions
    Defeat the Cryptolith Glutton for Punishment
    Complete a Health Upgrade Heart-Shaped Snack
    Obtain every trophy in the game Made Whole
    Defeat the Crow Golem Mass Murder
    Sever 100 enemies Master Severer
    Find your Mother's memento Mother Rememberance
    Take no damage in a 4 enemy fight One Hand Tied Behind Your Back
    Confront the Stray Arm Re-Armed
    Explore every area to 100% completion Surgical Searching
    Breach a Secret Blind Barrier The Path Unseen
    Remember what your mother taught you Tutelage
    Devour every buff at least once Your Strength is My Strength

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999