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Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator Cheats For PC

  1. Free Level Map

    To get a map of a level that you're currently in, just press [F12] and type MAPMAKER. The map download takes a while, so be patient.

    Contributed by: Lord Scalgon 

  2. Gain All Items

    Press F12. Type in WTFWWT-BGIOB. press ENTER. Type F12. type in GIMME. Press Enter. Your inventory will be filled with 50 of each item.

    Contributed by: charachu 

  3. Gain 2300 Exp Points Or Party Memebers Instantly

    Press F12. Type in WTFWWT-BGIOB. Press enter. press F2, and you will immediately gain 2300 experience points. Pressing F3 will add Grubb and Runner to your party. They can't talk to people.

    Contributed by: charachu 

  4. Max Starts on all Characters

    Get Maya to level 99, and all of your characters will become level 99, with 999 for all their stats, 9999 HP, and 999 core. The only realistic way to do this is with the exp cheat.

    Contributed by: Edale1 

  5. WTFWWT-BGIOB codes

    Press F12, type WTFWWT-BGIOB, then press enter. hit F12 again, type one of the follwing codes, then press enter.

    Effect Effect
    GHOST allows you to pan the map without moving your characters
    DEVELOPER Debug Mode
    PLAYER Map Showing areas in Dedug mode
    VAMPYRE Shows some desplay icons on screen

    Contributed by: Porungda 

  6. No extra code needed

    press F12, type one of the codes below, then press enter. Ghost can be turned on and off with the enter button.

    Effect Effect
    GHOST allows you to pan the map without moving your characters
    hidetext Disable spoken text
    MAKETHEMSTOPMOMMIE enemies won't attack you when out of battle.
    fps View frame rate

    Contributed by: thatauthor, freakunique 


    Press F12. Yype IMAREALWEENIE. Press ENTER. Next, to put in a code, hit F12, type the code, and press ENTER.

    SPY Show debug numbers.
    ENEMIES Shows Enemy HP and Attack Readiness
    SIGHT shows the line of sight of enemies. useful to know where the hidden ones are.

    Contributed by: candlefighter, Arianos 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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