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SEGA Genesis Mini Cheats For Dedicated Console

  1. Play Probotector

    At the Settings menu of the Sega Genesis Mini, go to the Language settings and set the language to any of the European setting such as French for example. Now go back to the main system menu of the Sega Genesis Mini and find the game that used to be Contra: Hard Corp. Instead of Contra: Hard Corp you will find Probotector. The game plays similar to Contra: Hard Corp but instead of human characters you'll be playing as cyborgs.

    Go to Settings and change the language to any European country, then go back to main system menu and find Probotector among the lineup. Probotector

    Contributed by: leeko_link 

  2. Hidden Functions

    Press the listed button at the specified screen to activate.

    Press the C button at the screen settings menu Scanlines
    Press the B button at the game library screen Spine view

    Contributed by: DeepFriedBurger