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Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Save Adèle or the Hermit before half the timer runs out. Alexis Trotteur
    Give the killing blow to a Grand Werewolf with a holy bullet. Amen!
    Complete the first tutorial (1/3). And It Starts!
    Intimidate a Windigo for at least 5 seconds. Boo!
    Save up 15 dollars. Breaking the Bank
    Survive a night with at least 3 buildings still full health. Built to Last
    Survive a night with at least 4 buildings still full health. Can't Touch This!
    Intimidate the Invisible Beast for at least 5 seconds. Cold Blooded
    Inflict damage to 6 enemies with a single Poisonous Bait. Food Poisoning
    Inflict damage to 7 enemies with a single Mortar. FORE!
    Inflict damage to an enemy with a Fire Wall. Fur Fire!
    Kill a Grand Wolf using only your traps. Hear Something?
    Save your brother's soul without hurting the host body. I'll Save You!
    Inflict damage to 3 enemies with a single Ballista. Impaler
    Kill a Maikan Warrior using only your traps. Innu Wisdom
    Kill a Windigo using only your traps. Jack Fiddler
    Kill a Grand Werewolf using one of your traps. Jos Montferrand
    Save Joséphine with Joseph O'Carroll. Jos to the Rescue!
    Crush 7 enemies under a single Hanging Net Trap. Landslide
    Inflict damage to 5 enemies with a single Spike Trap. Look Out Below!
    Save Joséphine with Jacques O'Carroll. My Jacky-boy!
    Inflict damage to 8 enemies with a single Explosive Barrel. Pieces Everywhere
    Reload your rifle in less than 3 seconds. Quick Draw
    Use only silver weapons to kill a Windigo. The Duel
    Kill a Will O' the Wisp using only your traps. The Exorcist
    Get a head shot from on top of a Watchtower. The Sniper
    Complete the third tutorial (3/3). The Strategist
    Kill a Wolf using only your traps. The Trapper
    Survive a night without taking any damage (after December 6th). Thick Skin
    Survive a night with all 5 buildings still full health. Ward of Wolvesvale
    Kill a Werewolf using only your traps. Werewolf Hunter
    Kill a Maikan Shaman using only your traps. What Magic?
    Complete the second tutorial (2/3). You Can Do It!

    Contributed by: Guard Master