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Samurai Gunn Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Trying to break the game by destroying all the bamboo Dammit, Rami.
    You display an affinity for offing yourself Dishonorable Death(s)
    The heads of five samurai hang at your belt No Mercy
    You drowned One With Water
    You dispose your foes without moving Statue Stance

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Hidden characters

    On the character select screen, enter the following commands

    Up Down Down Up Up Down Down Play as Nidhogg
    Right Down Right Down Left Up Left Up Play as Penny
    Left Left Left Right Left Right Left Play as Sawbones
    Up Down Left Right Up Down Left Right Play as Shadow
    Up Up Down Down Up Down Up Down Play as Super Crate Box
    Up Up Down Down Left Left Right Right Play as Towerfall (blue)
    Up Up Right Right Down Down Left Left Play as Towerfall (green)
    Up Up Left Left Down Down Right Right Play as Towerfall (red)
    Down Down Up Up Down Up Down Up Play as Yung Venuz

    Contributed by: AxeltheBard, skaz9000, u1timo