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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Keitai Club Password List

    To enter these passwords, go to New York no Jiyuu na Ichinichi (Free & Easy Day in N. Y.) from the main menu, then select "go to Romando." Once at Romando, select "enter Password" during the dialogue with Kayama and enter the following codes (you do not need to have beaten the game to obtain these extras):

    Effect Effect
    113742917238 All ringtones
    966213278048 All special bromides
    111374572138 All special events
    852522557628 Anri's battle uniform bromide
    387320906328 Anri's special bromide
    549261464578 Diana's battle uniform bromide
    920600052288 Diana's Cameratron theme
    568847967928 Diana's seiza (horoscope) bromide
    523727163208 Diana's special bromide
    877612097778 Diana's Star bromide
    518389656658 Gemini's battle uniform bromide
    518389656658 Gemini's Battle Uniform Bromide
    947450159208 Gemini's Cameratron theme
    944925190808 Gemini's seiza (horoscope) bromide
    906469455778 Gemini's special bromide
    348454871888 Gemini's Star bromide
    947450159208 Gemini's theme "Boku no Yume" as a Cameratron alarm in the options
    894242894788 Plum's battle uniform bromide
    339440309088 Plum's special bromide
    353900640358 Ratchet's battle uniform bromide
    920647752778 Ratchet's Cameratron theme
    372791149508 Ratchet's seiza (horoscope) bromide
    398210448078 Ratchet's special bromide
    398210448078 Ratchet's Special Bromide
    586007382288 Rikaritta's battle uniform bromide
    941972000458 Rikaritta's Cameratron theme
    550477481278 Rikaritta's seiza (horoscope) bromide
    534317683958 Rikaritta's special bromide
    815174772808 Rikaritta's Star bromide
    557999132708 Sagitta's battle uniform bromide
    941289225808 Sagitta's Cameratron theme
    573139331788 Sagitta's seiza (horoscope) bromide
    599659935628 Sagitta's special bromide
    303394573128 Sagitta's Star bromide
    322934212158 Star Bromide for Taiga
    314851924428 Subaru's battle uniform bromide
    920607847078 Subaru's Cameratron theme
    507581627458 Subaru's seiza (horoscope) bromide
    500031328588 Subaru's special bromide
    891702293658 Subaru's Star bromide
    361160100008 Sunnyside's special bromide
    364684015878 Taiga's battle uniform bromide
    364684015878 Taiga's Battle Uniform Bromide
    322934212158 Taiga's Star bromide
    921364580098 Unlocks everything the orther codes unlock indivisually
    920649063088 Unlocks Taiga's Petitmint costume

    Contributed by: Lord_God_Jinnai, Kamatari47, Rurie 

  2. List of unlockable secrets

    Most of these unlockable secrets require you to load saves from previous Sakura Taisen games onto the memory card you're currently using. The saves you load do NOT need to be complete game saves - it suffices to simply start the game in question and play only enough to save at the first save point. For those games applicable, you can go into Options and save game data without starting a new game at all, and that save would work as well.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Have a save from Sakura Taisen V Episode 0: Kouya no Samurai Musume on your memory card In-game dialogue and CG change during sequence at Gemini's apartment in chapter 3 (free move #2)
    Have a save from Sakura Taisen 3: Paris wa Moeteiru ka on your memory card Kayama mentions Erica during Metropolitan Museum of Art sequence in chapter 2
    Have a save from Sakura Taisen 3: Paris wa Moeteiru ka on your memory card Paris Kagekidan Hanagumi bromides available for purchase at Romando (in-game)
    Purchase all six Hoshigumi girls' bromides (one per chapter) at the Little Lip Store during play Receive Plum and Anri's special bromide after defeating Nobunaga in the final chapter
    Answer 10 questions in a row correctly in the quiz game available backstage in Free & Easy Day in N. Y. after beating the game at least once Receive Taiga's Petitmint bromide
    Purchase all five Paris Hanagumi bromides available from Romando (after unlocking them) during play Receive the Paris Kazegumi special bromide
    Purchase all eight Teito Hanagumi bromides available from Romando (after unlocking them) during play Receive the Teito Kazegumi special bromide
    Have a save from Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishio ni on your memory card Teikoku Kagekidan Hanagumi bromides available for purchase at Romando (in-game)

    Contributed by: Kamatari47 

  3. Unlock Passwords (US PS2 Release)

    To enter these passwords, go to Free & Easy Day in N. Y. from the main menu, then select "go to Romando." During the dialogue with Kayama, select "enter Password" and enter the following codes (you do not need to have beaten the game to obtain these extras):

    Effect Effect
    966213278048 Unlock All Photographs
    113742917238 Unlock All Ringtones
    111374572138 Unlock All Special Events
    921364580098 Unlock Everything
    114005404218 Unlock Photograph 1
    146519751548 Unlock Photograph 10
    103407055018 Unlock Photograph 11
    715304330718 Unlock Photograph 12
    779144989698 Unlock Photograph 13
    791624186738 Unlock Photograph 14
    790962480668 Unlock Photograph 15
    752482665748 Unlock Photograph 16
    736332366218 Unlock Photograph 17
    788152921998 Unlock Photograph 18
    765692125238 Unlock Photograph 19
    172845219998 Unlock Photograph 2
    729976422968 Unlock Photograph 20
    741416641248 Unlock Photograph 21
    740506343518 Unlock Photograph 22
    702046942498 Unlock Photograph 23
    916826107538 Unlock Photograph 24
    978768403468 Unlock Photograph 25
    995288604548 Unlock Photograph 26
    959538817018 Unlock Photograph 27
    931058518398 Unlock Photograph 28
    930898714038 Unlock Photograph 29
    196725818238 Unlock Photograph 3
    984773079368 Unlock Photograph 30
    153265510968 Unlock Photograph 4
    135585779248 Unlock Photograph 5
    187039076518 Unlock Photograph 6
    161859270498 Unlock Photograph 7
    160799895538 Unlock Photograph 8
    122279596468 Unlock Photograph 9
    117301583548 Unlock Ringtone: Cheiron
    111391416468 Unlock Ringtone: Diana
    119880017018 Unlock Ringtone: Gemini
    111374272018 Unlock Ringtone: Ratchet
    111088841698 Unlock Ringtone: Rosita
    111379387198 Unlock Ringtone: Subaru
    111315453168 Unlock Shinjiro's Girl Costume
    111315063698 Unlock Special Event 1
    111374210238 Unlock Special Event 2
    111315455138 Unlock Special Event 3

    Contributed by: vihena 

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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Cheats For Wii

  1. Wii Secret Passwords (US and EU version only)

    From the game selection menu, choice the bottom option (The Free & Easy Day in N.Y.), then visit Romando and imput the password when the available option appear. Note: the single codes unlock 1 item at the time, when the "unlock all code" unlock all the items of the same element in 1 time.

    Effect Effect
    926906817278 Cameratron Ringtone: Cheiron
    928935668428 Cameratron Ringtone: Diana
    922566130958 Cameratron Ringtone: Gemini
    928993468958 Cameratron Ringtone: Ratchet
    928267292088 Cameratron Ringtone: Rosita
    928974804588 Cameratron RIngtone: Subaru
    928996609188 Episode 0 available in Main Game
    928993482128 Photo of Chat Noir available in Main Game
    928996495658 Photo of IAF Flower Division available in Main Game
    859097180208 Photo: Battle Photo of Anri
    596268228578 Photo: Battle Photo of Cheiron
    893557986928 Photo: Battle Photo of Cherry
    524513806358 Photo: Battle Photo of Diana
    511006563288 Photo: Battle Photo of Gemini
    390435372888 Photo: Battle Photo of Ratchet
    589858748428 Photo: Battle Photo of Rosita
    363919657658 Photo: Battle Photo of Shinjiro
    313123116008 Photo: Battle Photo of Subaru
    510846764928 Photo: Cheiron & Sagittarius
    567793040508 Photo: Diana & Capricorn
    945476282278 Photo: Gemini & Gemini
    340029139708 Photo: Photo of Cheiron Acting
    812787630958 Photo: Photo of Diana Acting
    347549954628 Photo: Photo of Gemini Acting
    304867438278 Photo: Photo of Rosita Acting
    329209358788 Photo: Photo of Shinjiro Acting
    878237389288 Photo: Photo of Subaru Acting
    379665471878 Photo: Ratchet & Aquarius
    558588824458 Photo: Rosita & Aries
    332195193808 Photo: Special Photo of Anri
    574728027208 Photo: Special Photo of Cheiron
    354355997128 Photo: Special Photo of Cherry
    560273209078 Photo: Special Photo of Diana
    909316867958 Photo: Special Photo of Gemini
    397985673158 Photo: Special Photo of Ratchet
    535038549588 Photo: Special Photo of Rosita
    508343915328 Photo: Special Photo of Subaru
    388679494778 Photo: Special Photo of Sunnyside
    546403500088 Photo: Subaru & Taurus
    928996605128 Shiniro's Extra Costume (female)
    928993363528 Unlock all 3 Events (unlock all code)
    837871465578 Unlock all the 30 Photos (unlock all code)
    924005530128 Unlock all the 6 Ringtones (unlock all code)

    Contributed by: Ogogin 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Rose4256 149K