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SaGa: Scarlet Grace Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Refill LP Easily

    In Provincia Kei, there are a "Trio of Dubious Strawberries" in the north of the region. One bunch will refill one LP for every ally in your retinue. The other two are mandragoras that will take away one LP from your five active allies. The game autosaves as you pick your first plant, so you can just reload the autosave file and choose a different one of the three plants, if you get a mandragora. After that, exit to a different area and return to Provincia Kei. All three plants will be replenished for you to pick again. Do this as many times as you like to get your LP back up, instead of grinding through battles with some allies you may want fighting needing to sit out due to low LP.

    Contributed by: steph4here 

  2. New Main Menu Screen

    Complete the story of each of the main characters (Urpina, Taria, Balmaint & Leonard) and their image will appear on the main menu screen when the game starts.

    Contributed by: steph4here 

SaGa: Scarlet Grace Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Use all incantations. ...We're Going Home
    Emerge victorious from 100 battles. A Legend in Your Own Right
    Have someone join your retinue for the first time. A New Ally
    Best Macha. A New Mage Rises
    Best Marigan. A New Warrior Rises
    The Grand Empress Dowager has passed on. A Second Fall
    Have five allies participate in a United Attack. All for One
    Antonius has passed on. Always in Our Thoughts
    Have Sabit join your retinue. Armaments for All!
    Acquire 50 types of weapons. Arms Race
    Complete Arthur's event and have him join your retinue. Behind the Scenes
    Have all possible allies join your retinue. Can Never Have Too Many Friends
    Perform three United Attacks in a single round. Chain Reaction
    Complete the game as Balmaint. Conviction
    Have Urpina learn to dual wield. Double Trouble
    Receive all benisons. Favored by the Celestials
    Acquire the elemental weapon of ignis. Fire and Brimstone
    Successfully perform fifty counterattacks. Float like a Butterfly...
    Have one incantation reach max rank. Flux Hunter
    Complete the game as all four protagonists. Four People, Four Paths
    Complete Kahn's event and have him join your retinue. Genghis Kahn
    Have Camelia (also known as Tsubaki) join your retinue. Good Fortune, Witch Hunters!
    Acquire the elemental weapon of aes. Heavy Metal
    Eat five wild strawberries. Iron Stomach
    Acquire 50 types of armor. Ironclad
    Complete the game as Leonard. Journey
    Complete Elisabeth's event. Marriage, Schmarriage
    Complete the game as Urpina. Maturity
    Acquire the elemental weapon of natura. Nature vs. Nurture
    Fly in the air. On Wings of Wax
    Have one tech reach max rank. One among Many
    Use all techs. Pack It Up...
    Acquire all other trophies. Perfectionbringer
    Complete Mondo's event and have him join your retinue. Protecting House Julanius
    Receive benisons 100 times. Providence
    Best the Firebringer. Quenching Flames
    Develop all items. R&D
    Complete the game as Taria. Revelation
    Claim victory in one round. Rout the Louts
    Collect all the inferna quintstones. Scarlet Ambitions
    Collect all the celesta quintstones. Scarlet Fever
    Acquire the elemental weapon of terra. Scorched Earth
    Fight against 100 types of foes. Seasoned Champion
    Perform tasks at all Mercenaries' Guilds within a single playthrough. Sellsword
    The tower has collapsed! Shoddy Construction
    Emerge victorious with all formations. Tactics SaGa
    The volcano has erupted! The Floor Is Lava
    Imhokiel Dam has been destroyed! The Movable Object
    You caught the fabled tatzelwurm! To Catch the Prey
    Beat all challengers in the arena. To the Victor Go the Spoils
    Exchange items at all towns within a single playthrough. Trading Partners
    Best the Firebringer in his ultimate form. Trial by Fire
    Perform 100 United Attacks. United We Stand
    Successfully perform fifty interrupts. Wait Your Turn!
    Collect 30 items from gathering events within a single playthrough. Wait. HOW Many?
    Acquire the elemental weapon of unda. Wet Behind the Ears
    Visit all places the world has to offer. Where to Next?

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold