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Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Unlockables

    After you complete the story mode, you get a bonus depending on what difficulty you selected. New modes open up, too. There's also a bonus item for getting "S" rank in every mission in the Ultimate Fighting mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Story Mode on Hard 100 ryou (1,000,000 mon)
    Complete Story Mode on Easy 30 ryou (300,000 mon)
    Complete Story Mode on Normal 50 ryou (500,000 mon)
    Complete Story Mode on Expert Brawling God Amulet
    Complete Story Mode on Hard Expert Difficulty
    Complete Story Mode Galavanting in Kyoto (Adventure Review)
    Complete Story Mode Reminiscence (Cinema Replay)
    Complete Story Mode Start Game with Clear Data (New Game+)
    Get "S" rank in all Ultimate Fighting missions True Brawling God Amulet
    Complete Story Mode Ultimate Fighting (Battle Missions)

    Contributed by: ThePatrick 

  2. Bonus Items

    From the start button menu, there is an option to review checklists of certain aspects in the game to see how many you've completed. There's a similar option called the "Memo Pad" that lists the various side story missions such as bounties or employment. If you complete these lists, you will get bonus items. Most of them are sent to you by the postal service in the game, but there are a few which will simply be given to you by a character (e.g. completing the "Inventions" list will prompt the inventor to give you the item).

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Techniques Best Dachi in the Realms (Tenka no Dachi)
    Weapons Dragon Chestplate
    Arena Opponents Ganryuu Bokutou
    Yuujo (Pleasure District girls) Immortal Turtle
    Storage Lockers Lucky Beads
    Inventions Meow Shoes
    Memo Pad Peerless Wakizashi (Musou no Wakizashi)
    Food and Drink (restaurant menu items) Seven Luck Dieties Sarashi
    Skill Games (includes gambling) Skanda Shoes
    Heat Actions Ultimate Badge

    Contributed by: ThePatrick 

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