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Rune Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Passwords

    Press "Tab" and type in "cheatplease" and then enter one of the codes

    Effect Effect
    Fly Flight Mode
    god Godmode
    leveltravel Level Select

    Contributed by: Menji, wirtjr 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Full Game Guides Guide and Walkthrough by akiraZ 78K

Rune Cheats For PC

  1. Get Items

    Enable cheat mode, then hit ~ or TAB and type SUMMON followed by the name of the item you wish to receive. The eligible items are listed below:

    Contributed by: Jaksiel 

  2. Be any multiplayer skin you want

    First, you have to be in Single-Player. Type in CHEATPLEASE then SUMMON PLAYERALRIC (or any other skin that starts with player: playerelder, even sarkragnar will work)

    When the skin pops up in front of you, save, and then load the save game. You should be playing the skin you summoned instead of Ragnar.

    Contributed by: Ammnontet 

  3. Cheat Codes

    Enable Cheat Mode and then enter these codes:

    Effect Effect
    switchcooplevel [map name] Advance to level w/ aquired items
    PREFERENCES Advanced Options
    CHEATPLEASE Enable Cheats
    FLY Flying Mode
    GOD God Mode
    amphibious Infinite air underwater
    invisible Invisiblity
    KILLPAWNS Kill All Enemies
    open [map name] Level Select
    GHOST Turn Clipping Off
    TOGGLEFULLSCREEN Turn Full Screen Mode On
    WALK Turn off Ghost or Fly

    Contributed by: Starky27, Jaksiel 

  4. Summon code

    Turn cheat mode on by 'cheatplease' and then type 'summon'. You can do much with that like spawn weapons and other things right at the front at you floating in the air. To enter these codes press "tab" or "~"

    Also you can play as multiplayer characters. Like Sigurd. Summon playersigurd. Summon playeralric. summon ragnar. summon townragnar.

    The effect is left and the code is right.

    Effect Effect
    etc etc
    Bigger fire summon bigfire
    Bone club weapon summon boneclub
    dark viking enemy summon darkviking
    Dwarf enemy summon dwarf
    elder enemy summon elder
    fire for lighting your torch summon fire
    Giant crab enemy summon giantcrab
    Goblin enemy summon goblin
    Torch of hell level summon heltorch
    loki guard enemy summon lokiguard
    dark viking body summon playerdarkviking
    elder body summon playerelder
    loki guard body summon playerlokiguard
    ulf body summon playerulf
    warrior ragnar body summon ragnar
    ragnar body summon townragnar
    trialmace summon trialpitmace
    trial pit ragnar body summon trialpitragnar
    ulf enemy summon ulf
    vikingaxe weapon summon vikingaxe

    Contributed by: palm29 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Full Game Guides Guide and Walkthrough by akiraZ 78K
In-Depth FAQs Weapons/Skins FAQ by Xboxlover2 37K

Rune Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Bloodlust

    Input these on the pause screen:

    Left, Circle, Left, Right, Square, Right Get full bloodlust

    Contributed by: slader 

  2. Codes

    Input these on the pause screen:

    Effect Effect
    Press Square, Circle, Left, Right, Circle, Square Invincible
    Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Circle Refill the rune power meter

    Contributed by: S0LIDUS SNAKE 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Full Game Guides Guide and Walkthrough by akiraZ 78K

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ by Xboxlover2 42K

Rune Gold Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Beat an opponent to death with a severed limb. Armed and Dangerous
    Kill 25 enemies while Berzerk. Berserker
    Kill 100 enemies while Berzerk. Berserker II
    Get a 10 player kill spree in multiplayer. Big Spree
    Get all the weapons in the game. Complete The Set
    Complete the game (any difficulty). Completed Rune
    Complete the game on Hard difficulty. Completed Rune on Hard
    Complete the game on Medium difficulty. Completed Rune on Medium
    Avoid the Dealy Dangler Fish. Deal with the Dealy Dangler Fish
    Drink 25 Steins of Mead Drinkin' and Fightin'
    Behead 25 opponents in multiplayer Executioner
    Behead 10 opponents in multiplayer. Executioner's Apprentice
    Obtain all the Runes of Health Healthy
    Kill 100 opponents in multiplayer. Honed to Perfection
    Defeat an enemy by setting them on fire. I smell something burning
    Kill 25 Enemies. Kill 25 Enemies
    Defeat Sark Conrack. Kill Sark Conrack
    Defeat the Dark Dwarf. Knock His Lights Out
    Eat 25 Lizards. Lizard Eater
    Get beheaded in multiplayer. Lose your head
    Behead 100 opponents in multiplayer. Master Executioner
    Kill 100 enemies. One Hundred Foes
    Get "First Blood" 10 times Quick to Strike
    Become Sark Ragnar. Sark Ragnar
    Kill 50 opponents in multiplayer. Sharpened Skills
    Make your way through Hel's Chamber To Hel and Back
    Defeat the Trial Pit Beast. Try This On For Size
    Kill 250 enemies. Two Fifty Foes
    Kill 10 opponents in multiplayer. Whet my apetite

    Contributed by: zeldagirl