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Rugby League Live 4 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Play a match at every licensed stadium. Around the Grounds
    Drag the ball carrier back into their own in goal. Best Form Of Defence
    Win the Dally M or Man of Steel award in an NRL or Super League season in career mode. Best Of The Best
    Win a premiership or championship in career mode. Better Than The Rest
    Keep your opposition scoreless in a match and win on legend difficulty. Brick Wall
    Get your career rookie to be promoted to team captain. Captain Courageous
    Run over 80m to score a try without being tackled - veteran difficulty or above. Catch me if you can
    Score a try from a chip 'n' chase. Chippy
    Complete your first career match as a rookie player (any difficulty). Club Debut
    Win a match when behind by 18+ points - veteran difficulty or above. Comeback Kids
    Complete a tackle while using controlled movement. Controlled
    Perform a successful charge down to prevent a field goal in extra time. Denier
    Complete a match without giving away a penalty. Disciplined
    Drive the defence back over try line to score a try. Drive it home
    Win a match in golden point. Golden Child
    Score 3 tries with a single player in a match on veteran difficulty or above. Hat Trick Hero
    Score a try from a contested collect. High Flyer
    Score a diving try in the corner and hit the corner post. In the Corner
    Collect all trophies. Living Legend
    Be man of the match 5 times as a career player in a single season. MVP
    Score to win a match in the final minute (in-game time). Nail Biter
    Win a match using Auckland Nines ruleset. Niners
    Score a try by diving on a loose ball. Pathfinder
    Kick a 40/20. Precise 40/20
    Drag the ball carrier over the sideline. Put Some Touch On It
    your country in career mode after beginning your career as a rookie. Represent
    Upload a created player in The Fanhub. Sharing Is Caring
    Taunt and then score a try with the same player. Showboat
    Score a try with the dummy half after a scoot. Sneak Attack
    Represent your state in career mode after beginning your career as a rookie. State Of Origin
    Have six or more players from your team represent team of the year (coach mode). Team Of The Year
    With 1 team go through an NRL or Super League season in career without conceding a loss. Unbeatable

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