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Robinson: The Journey Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Robinson: The Journey Trophies

    Activate every quick travel point Abbreviator
    Hit the basketball basket with the basketball from all marked positions Aim for the Stars
    Scan each air creature once Air creatures
    Use the bricks in the tree house to build the structure shown on the tablet Build the Future
    Catch the fish near the water turbine in all possible ways Catch a Flight
    Find a way to move the Longneck in the Jungle Clearing Operations
    Find and scan the HIGS Colony Unit Colony Mission
    Give Laika all possible commands Commander
    Find and scan the HIGS Construction Unit Construction Crew
    Find and scan the HIGS Emergency Unit Emergency Team
    Restore the power to the Planetarium Energy
    Find and scan the HIGS Crew Unit Esmeralda Crew
    Finish every HIGS puzzle completely Happy to Help
    Reveal the secret of the Esmeralda Investigator
    Scan each land creature once Land creatures
    Find and scan every communicator Lost and Found
    Make the paper plane fly for at least five seconds Ready for Takeoff
    Repair the damaged objects at Home and at the Farm Repairman
    Help the Longnecks in the Tar Pit Rescue Mission
    Find and scan the HIGS Science Unit Science Mission
    Play all tricks with Laika Stay Active
    Collect all other Robinson: The Journey trophies The Great Discoverer
    Succeed in all leisure activities Time-Out
    Open the fence between Home and Farm To Adventure
    Defeat the Tyrannosaur with the help of HIGS and Laika Together we are strong
    Disguise Laika Undercover Agent
    Clean the toilet at Home Waste Management
    Scan each water creature once Water creatures
    Find and scan every missing HIGS Unit We Know The Truth
    Match all special butterflies by color in the Jungle With Flying Colors
    Complete the scanning of all needed land, air, and water creatures Zoologist

    Contributed by: NettoSaito