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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Cheats For PC

  1. List of force added Special units

    These are found by pressing enter and typing:/cheat add #(number of that unit) and the type of unit. An example is /cheat add 15 imperial musketeer.
    You get 15 groups of musketeers. Make sure you don't use plural words for this cheat and no capitalization(like shok). These are forced added units I found that can make your game lag if you put too much units.

    Effect Effect
    /cheat add (#) giant Creates a Queen Spider.
    /cheat add 1 Andromolek Andromolek
    /cheat add 1 Arri Arri
    /cheat add 1 Carlini Carlini
    /cheat add (#) zeke Creates a scout form zeke.
    /cheat add (#) great Creates sun idol.
    /cheat add(#) zeke (attack form) or (siege form) Creates the form that you entered.
    /cheat add 1 czin Czin,the God of Death
    /cheat add 1 death temple Czin's hidden temple (not revealed)
    /cheat add 1 Dakhla Dakhla
    /cheat add 1 Damanhur Damanhur
    /cheat add (#) queen spider For some reason it makes a queen Salamander.
    /cheat add 1 Giacomo Giacomo
    doges hammer gives you a doges hammer
    mega glass golem gives you a elder glass golem
    elder gives you a elder salamander
    false idol gives you a false idol
    master fire golem gives you a fire golem
    lava gives you a lava spider
    super gives you a super clock work man
    super jugger gives you a super jugernaut
    turrets gives you a turrets
    sawu gives you another sawu hero
    dark gives you the standard dark alin troops
    /cheat add 1 moon Ix,the God of Moon
    /cheat add 1 moon temple Ix's temple
    /cheat add 1 kakoolha Kakoolha
    /cheat add 1 lenora Lenora
    /cheat add (#) siege Makes a siege zepplin.
    /cheat add (#) pirata Makes a useless pirata base ship.
    /cheat add 1 petruzzo Petruzzo the lord of miana
    /cheat add 1 Sawu Sawu
    /cheat add 1 shok Shok,the Goddess of Storm
    /cheat add 1 rain temple Shok's temple
    /cheat add 1 the The Doge,Ruler of Venucci
    /cheat add 1 xil Xil,the God of Sun
    /cheat add 1 sun temple Xil's temple
    /cheat add 1 Yontash Yontash

    Contributed by: noobhunter634, RoMyths0000, kie6921 

  2. Faster Research and More Resources

    When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in: cheat keys on. Then press enter. No dialog box should come up. Now just press the following buttons to get exactly what you want.

    Effect Effect
    Alt+F5 +1000 to each resource
    Alt + F10 Refills a selected unit's mana. Also recharges that unit's abilities. Can only be used on one unit at a time.
    Alt + F11 Refills a unit's health. Can only be used on one unit at a time.
    Alt+F9 speeds up unit creation, building creation, and research.

    Contributed by: Yengeon, Jobe11 

  3. General Cheats

    Start Typing.

    Then put in one of the codes below

    Effect Effect
    /cheat mana (who-hero name) (+/-)number adds mana to the hero
    /cheat resource (who) (what) (+/-)number adds resources
    /cheat safe adds some Juggernauts and Air Destroyers around your capital (race does not matter)
    /cheat add eagle bomber Caraven
    /cheat explore (normal/explored/all) changes explore configurations
    /cheat damage (+/-) (number) Changes the amount of damage on selected units or buildings
    /cheat add death sphere Death sphere
    /cheat add eagle bomber Eagle bomber
    /cheat add elite sun idol Elite Sun idol
    /cheat add fallen priest Fallen Priest
    /cheat add fallen snake Fallen snake
    /cheat finish finishes the selected building (can be used for units if building is making units)
    /cheat mapgen generates a new map
    /cheat dominance (which) (who gives the desired dominance
    /cheat add glass horror Glass horror
    /cheat add czin God of death
    /cheat add chicken hallucination Hallucination
    /cheat add (number) (what) his adds a unit or a building to the locattion you are pointing with the mouse
    /cheat die Kills selected units or buildings
    /cheat add moon jackal Moon jackal
    /cheat add moon sentinel Moon Sentinel
    /cheat add obelisk Obelisk
    /cheat tech (who) tech (on/off) researches all tech
    /cheat reveal reveals the map
    /cheat add scout eye Scout eye
    /cheat add siege elephant Siege elephant
    /cheat add Xil Sun god
    /cheat add sun idol Sun idol
    /cheat (ally,peace,war) (who) this forces peace, an alliance, or war with a player
    /cheat add unholy ark Unholy ark
    /cheat victory win the mission

    Contributed by: jfhkdjfhkd, arun2212660, jdt532 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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In-Depth FAQs Mission Guide by mdav2 111K