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Ridge Racer Revolution Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Spinning Mode

    From the moment the screen appears to when the commentator says ''GO'' hold X and Square. Soon after the start the words ''Spinning Point'' appear and the cheat starts taking effect.

    Contributed by: Super Nova 

  2. Reversed Tracks

    Start the race then immediately turn around and drive towards the wall near the starting line at full speed. A reversed version of the track apperas after your car passes through the wall.

    Contributed by: Carter12 

  3. Move Spotlight

    Hold L1 and R1 then press the controller buttons to re-size and move the spotlight on the title screen.

    Contributed by: Carter12 

  4. Alternate Track and Car Apperance

    Press Up, Down, L1, or R1 while on the car select menu and on the course select menu to change the apperances of the cars and the tracks. Press L2 or R2 in the car select menu to change the direction the tires are facing.

    Contributed by: Carter12 

  5. Two Player-Link with one game disc

    Load the game on the first PlayStation then open the lid and remove the disc. If desired, an Audio CD can be placed into the PlyStation. Now load the game on the second PlayStation, and 2p-link option sholud be displayed. The game, by default loads the first track into memory, and stores it ready for racing. To play any other track, select and load the track by starting the race, waiting until the track has loaded then abort the race on the first PlayStation and start the game on the second PlayStation.

    Contributed by: Carter12 

  6. Secret Options

    Don't shoot any of the ships in Galaga (the loading game). After all the ships have gone by, there will be a little firework burst. Now go to the 'Other' screen and you can set the racing time from Normal, Morning, Evening, and Night.

    Contributed by: MichaelJBuck 

  7. Rear Mirror Off

    During a race viewed from internal view, pause the game and then hold Triangle before tapping L1. R1 will restore the mirror.

    Contributed by: freakunique 

  8. Misc. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Him On Novice Course on Time Trial 13th Racing
    Beat Him On Intermediate Course On Time Trial 13th Racing Kid
    Shoot Down All Enemies On Galaxian 88 Minigame Extra Cars
    Complete Half Courses Extra Courses
    Complete Entire Game Once Race Scene Options
    Shoot Down All Enemies On Galaxian 88 Minigame Rally-X Mode (Small Cars)
    Beat Him On Expert Course On Time Trial White Angel

    Contributed by: Super Nova, Carter12 

  9. Misc. Codes

    Effect Effect
    Pause the game while you can see the whole car, then hold Triangle and press L1 or R1 Change Camera Angle
    Hold L1 + R1 + Select + Triangle + Down during the Galaga 88 loading screen Destroy all aliens

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, KasketDarkfyre 

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