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Ridge Racer 2 Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlimited Nitrous

    Hold Select and press OK on the Request Confirmation page (Does not work on World Tours)

    Contributed by: Ajtgrant 

  2. Unlockable Machines

    Complete Specified Tour In World Tour To Unlock Following Machines

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Drift Challenge (Basic Tour) or Rock'n Drift (Pro Tour) Age Abeille Type-R
    Red-line (Basic Tour) or Ridge Racer Revolution 2 (EX Tour) Age Abeille Type-Z
    Drift Time (Basic Tour) or The Edge (Basic Tour) Age Prophetie Type-R
    Long Long Drift (Basic Tour) or Drift Queen (EX Tour) Age Prophetie Type-Z
    Drift Mania (Basic Tour) or Overtake (Pro Tour) Assoluto Bisonte Type-R
    R4 (Pro Tour) or R4 2 (EX Tour) Assoluto Bisonte Type-Z
    Professor D (Basic Tour) or Ridge Racer (Pro Tour) Assoluto Fatalita Type-R
    D Unlimited (EX Tour) or Mille Plateaux (EX Tour) Assoluto Fatalita Type-Z
    Inside Line (Basic Tour) or Under Construction (Basic Tour) Danver Bayonet Type-R
    Reverse (Basic Tour) or Mountain Challenge (EX Tour) Danver Bayonet Type-Z
    Driftasia (Basic Tour) or Thriller (Pro Tour) Gnade Esperanza Type-R
    Drifturn 8 (Pro Tour) or Rage Racer 2 (EX Tour) Gnade Esperanza Type-Z
    Drift Master (Basic Tour) or Ridge Racer Revolution (Pro Tour) Himmel E.O. Type-R
    Daytime Run (EX Tour) or Midtown Heat (EX Tour) Himmel E.O. Type-Z
    Initiation (Basic Tour) or Lines of Fire (Basic Tour) Kamata Fiera Type-R
    Wall Dancer (Basic Tour) or Rising Sun (EX Tour) Kamata Fiera Type-Z
    Night Racer (Basic Tour) or Rage Racer (Pro Tour) Soldat Raggio Type-R
    Rave Racer (EX Tour) or Drift del Mar (EX Tour) Soldat Raggio Type-Z

    Contributed by: Bl3u, Leifang2000 

  3. Unlockable Special Machines

    Complete Specified Tour In World Tour To Unlock Following Special Machines

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Angel Kid (Pro Tour) Age Angelus Kid
    Devil Kid (Pro Tour) Age Crinale Kid
    Hijack (Pro Tour) Danver Hijack
    Angel (Pro Tour) Kamata Angelus
    Pac-Man (Pro Tour) Pac-Man
    Devil (Pro Tour) Rivelta Crinale
    Wild Gang (Pro Tour) Terrazi Wild Gang
    Red Comet (Pro Tour) Yamasa Raggio

    Contributed by: Shinmew 

  4. Unlockable Prizes

    Complete Specified Tour In World Tour To Unlock Following Prizes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    R4 (Pro Tour) Ending Movie
    Rage Racer 2 (EX Tour) Rage Racer Intro
    Midtown Heat (EX Tour) Rave Racer Intro
    Midtown Run (EX Tour) Ridge Racer 7 Trailer
    Rave Racer 2 (EX Tour) Ridge Racer Intro
    The City is Yours (EX Tour) Ridge Racer Trailer
    Drift del Mar (EX Tour) Ridge Racer Type 4 Intro
    Planetary Exit (EX Tour) Yamasa Raggio

    Contributed by: Bl3u, Leifang2000