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  1. Dragon of Fortune

    Once you have learned the Dragon Kusagari Power, you will earn $500 of in-game cash every time you hit an enemy with a full-charged Dragon. You can repeatedly hit an enemy with a charged Dragon numerous times to earn several thousands of dollars, provided that you do not accidentally knock the enemy off a cliff. This can be a very useful trick for efficiently raising a large amount of money to buy upgrades, which become more and more expensive as you progress.

    Contributed by: e_Z_752 

  2. Earning Gold Medals in Challenge Mode

    In Challenge Mode, your score for a particular chapter is based on 1) how much cash you collected, 2) the difficulty level you selected (Difficulty Rank A/B/C) and 3) how many times you were defeated (Life Rank A/B/C). As you earn one point for every $1,000 you obtain during your challenge playthrough of the level, you can easily meet the score needed for a gold medal (or get very close to it) solely by obtaining a lot of cash, whether through shooting sheriff stars, picking up tokens on the ground, scavenging through areas very frequently and completing most, if not all, side quests. (For example, the score you need for a gold medal in Chapter 4: Chase is 500; if you obtained at least $500,000 in cash before you complete the chapter in challenge mode, then you are guaranteed to earn the gold medal.)

    Contributed by: e_Z_752 

  3. Pre-Order Weapon Skins

    There are several numerical pre-order codes you can enter in the Extras section of the main menu to unlock special weapon skins as pre-order bonuses, although only one sword skin and one gun skin can be active at a time, with the gun skin only affecting your first firearm, the .357 Longarm. Three of the skins are based on weapons used by certain bosses. To use a different sword or gun skin, you must remove and deactivate the previously active skin by pointing at the red "remove" (X) icon at the skin image's top right corner and pressing the A Button, before inputting the code for the new skin. Removing an active skin for a weapon will revert such weapon to its default appearance. Code effects are endemic to the save file in which you entered them.

    Effect Effect
    3582880 Barracuda (gun skin - Shinjiro's pistol)
    58855558 Nihonto Hana Sword (sword skin)
    360152 Sora Katana of the Katakara Clan (sword skin - Shinjiro's sword)
    370402 Tataro Magnum .357 (gun skin - Payne's pistol)
    360378 The Lost Blade of the Kusagari Clan (sword skin)

    Contributed by: Nightshade342, GaryAtEastern, TheChronoKeeper, DavidW75 

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