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Record of Agarest War: Mariage Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 54 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Defeated the boss of Gedecht Plateau. Angry, Angry Nova
    Defeated the boss of Verde Cave. Another One Bites the Dust
    Defeated the boss of Dozy Forest. Bear Necessities
    Defeated the boss of Throne of Ire. Black-out
    Performed unification with Panina for the first time. Brindo
    Defeated the boss of Star Point. Can We Get Much Higher?
    Defeated the boss of Fool's Tower. Can't Fool Me
    Married every potential love interest. Casanova
    Married Panina. Dance with Me
    Doze joined your party. Death Awaits You
    Defeated the boss of Rauea Mountain. Defeated Agrios!
    Defeated the EX boss of L'arc Peak. Dragon Hunter
    Reached the ending. End of the Cycle
    Married Piadina. Eternal Vow
    Unlocked Felicia's Plumage power. Felicia's Spirit
    Defeated Archdemon Eclipse (Soul). Fight for Tomorrow
    Defeated Valla Fare of End. Fire Walk With Me
    Married Saika. Forever and a Day
    Defeated the boss of Frost Mountains. Frost Bites Back
    Unlocked Geolette's Plumage power. Geolette's Spirit
    Titania joined your party. I Avenge Thee
    Defeated the boss of Meren Marsh. Icky-Sticky Slime
    Married every potential love interest? Is that Everyone...?
    Unlocked Kunka's Plumage power. Kunka's Spirit
    Performed unification with Geolette for the first time. Let It Roll
    Performed unification with Saika for the first time. Like Someone in Love
    Defeated Transformed Lifre. Looking Through You
    Confessed your love to Geolette. Lush Life
    Defeated the boss of L'Arc Altar. Magus Among Us
    Defeated the boss of Hell Maw. Mandible of the Beast
    Married Felicia. Meant to Be
    Married Kunka. Over the Moon
    Unlocked Panina's Plumage power. Panina's Spirit
    Defeated the boss of Geluire Woodland. Peace is the Answer
    Unlocked Piadina's Plumage power. Piadina's Spirit
    Performed unification with Kunka for the first time. Please Stay
    Confessed your love to Saika. Put Your Dreams Away
    Defeated the boss of Zula Desert. Quicksand Supernova
    Unlocked Saika's Plumage power. Saika's Spirit
    Defeated the boss of Creyu Forest. Save the Forest
    Performed unification with Piadina for the first time. Silent Partner
    Confessed your love to Piadina. Swear on the Rainbow
    Defeated your first opponent. The Ciel Blade of the Hero
    Confessed your love to Kunka. The Free Spirit
    Confessed your love to Felicia. The Girl Next Door
    Defeated the boss of Raster Valley. The Grudge
    Confessed your love to Panina. The One in Charge
    Reached the true ending. The Rainbow Overcomes Despair
    Cupra joined your party. The Spell Seamstress
    Performed unification with Titania. There's a Fourth?!
    Defeated the boss of Fell Sanctum. Think of Me
    Married Geolette. This I Ask of You
    Defeated Archdemon Eclipse (Possession). This Isn't Over
    Performed unification with Felicia for the first time. Tongue Tied

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