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Quantum Redshift Cheats For Xbox

  1. Last 2%

    To get the last 2% and increase your profile to 100% Simply race Mars track 1 on Quick race with the 'Ultra Focal length' easter egg on as the character KUTOO.

    Contributed by: schwangschwing 

  2. Cheats

    After you type in ''CHEAT'' as your player profile name, go to the Options Menu and then to the Cheats tab and type in the following:

    Effect Effect
    RICEitup All Craft Upgrades
    Nematode All Future Pilots
    GIMME Bonus Objectives Complete
    ThinkBat Infinte Shields
    FishFace Unlimited Turbo
    CHOCchoc Unlock all Easter Eggs
    zoomZOOM Unlock all the Speed Types
    headSLAP Unlock Every Track

    Contributed by: Plutonium X, rafdox, coolryan3, Meyerboy14 

  3. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Expert mode with each of the nemesis pilots Easter Eggs
    Complete Master mode with each of the 7 original pilots Ka Hekili
    Complete Master mode with Ka Hekili Kutoo
    Complete Amateur, Expert or Master modes with any of the original 7 pilots Nemesis pilots
    Complete Master mode with all pilots Redshift Mode

    Contributed by: Starky27