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Quake Champions Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Earn 25 Collateral Damage medals Acceptable Loss
    Earn 25 From the Grave medals Afterlife
    Earn 100 Combo Kill medals Ambidextrous
    Earn 100 Impressive medals Assassin
    Earn 25 Precise medals Ballistic
    Complete 500 matches Big Time
    Earn 5 Shotgun God medals Boomstick
    Earn 25 Denied medals Brickhouse
    Earn 25 Damage Dealer medals Bring the Pain
    Earn 5 Nailgun God medals Capenter
    Win 100 matches Contender
    Earn 100 Excellent medals Dangerous
    Earn 10 Avatar of Death medals Dark Angel
    Earn 100 Die Hard medals Dauntless
    Earn 50 Rage medals Dominating
    Earn 25 Revenge medals Evil Eye
    Win 500 matches Fear Me
    Earn 100 Humiliation medals Fight Club
    Complete 1 match First Taste
    Earn 50 Triple Kill medals Fragaholic
    Earn 5 Frenetic medals Godlike
    Earn 100 Offense medals Grave Robber
    Earn 100 Defense medals Guardian
    Earn 25 Headshot medals Hitman
    Complete 100 matches Hooked
    Earn 25 Party Breaker medals Killjoy
    Earn 100 Showstopper medals Lights Out
    Earn 100 Tank medals Makron
    Earn 25 Fighter medals Merciless
    Earn 25 Perforated medals Old Mother Approves
    Complete 1,000 matches Prize Fighter
    Earn 25 Midair medals Psychic
    Earn 100 Point Blank medals Pull
    Earn 25 First Blood medals Quickdraw
    Earn 100 Killing Spree medals Rampage
    Earn 25 Airborne medals Raptor
    Earn 25 Dominating medals Resource Hog
    Earn 5 Rocket Launcher God medals Rocket Man
    Earn 100 Ability Kill medals Sidekick
    Earn 5 Powerup Massacre medals Smack Down
    Earn 5 Machinegun God medals Soldier On
    Earn 100 Capture medals Soul Mate
    Earn 5 Tri-bolt God medals Stick it to 'em
    Earn 5 Gauntlet God medals Sucker Punch
    Earn 25 Assistant medals The Widdler
    Earn 250 Stopwatch medals Timelord
    Earn 10 God Mode medals Unstoppable
    Earn 100 Net Master medals Untouchable
    Earn 5 Railgun God medals Uranium Slugger
    Win 1,000 matches Vadri'gar
    Win 1 match Victory
    Earn 5 Lightning God medals Zeus

    Contributed by: KJ_StErOiDs