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Project Gotham Racing 2 Cheats For Xbox

  1. Geometry Wars

    This neat little mini-game can be accessed by going into the Garage. While you're in walk mode, go over to the arcade machine and press A.

    Contributed by: Person 

  2. Music in Geometry Wars

    To get music in Geometry Wars simply do the following:

    1: Get into Geometry Wars. (Go into the garage, walk up to the arcade machine and press the ''A'' button)

    2: Press the ''B'' button once.

    3: Now here comes the tricky part as it requires a little timing. Press the ''A'' button again so you are back into the garage. Now, wait about half a second then get back into Geometry Wars.

    The music from the stereo should now be playing in the background.

    Contributed by: Sekken 

  3. Uncontrollable Spinning

    This glitch only works on the Porsche 959 (Extreme Class). You have to be in MANUAL for this to work properly. When you get into the race, (KGB is a good track to use for this) start moving in first gear. Drive until first gear maxes out (about 42 mph) then make a hard turn left, let off the gas for a second and press the ''downshift button'' (The default for this is 'X') which will put it in reverse. When you begin spinning, press and hold down the gas again and you should spin extremely fast.

    Contributed by: howdyhamburger6 

  4. Reverse

    On any track in online xbox live play you can drive backwards, but it takes 2 laps for every actual lap. so 3 laps is really six laps. all you have to do is drive over the start line and do a U-turn. and go go go. Whoever crosses the finish line 1st, aka 6th place is 1st on the leaderboard and gets the bonus kudos as well.

    Contributed by: WWFATTITUDE 

  5. Unlocking the Bonus Cars

    This tells how to unlock the 5 bonus cars in the Showroom.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Kudos Challenge on Steel Delfino Feroce
    Beat Kudos Challenge on Bronze Ferrari 250 GTO
    Beat Kudos Challenge on Gold Mercedes CLK-GTR
    Beat Kudos Challenge on Silver Porsche 911 GT1
    Beat Kudos Challenge on Platinum TVR Cerbera Speed 12

    Contributed by: BLACKnBLUE 

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