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Princess Maker 5 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 70 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Worked part-time at OK Security. Airtight Security
    Knocked out Assiette. Arriving at The Heaven's Garden
    Met Gato. Attack of The Assasin
    Became a true friend with Kuroda Aya. Aya's Mind
    Took Niki Tomoe's Ballet Class. Ballerina
    Took NORA Conversational English Class. Bla Bla
    Worked part-time at Nanboku Bookstore. Bookworm
    Daughter married a Friend. Bride Story
    Joined … club. Club!
    Knocked out A Silent Zombie. Conquering The Fortress of Spirits
    Knocked out Hydra. Conquering The Outskirt forest
    Daughter became an Artist. Contemporary Artist
    Daughter became an Adventurer. Descendant of a Warrior
    Applied for Ananda's Yoga Class. Diet
    Took Sakakibara Piano Class. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
    Became a true friend with Imagawa Emily. Emily's Mind
    Daughter became a Celebrity. Entered the Entertainment Industry
    Took Gamo's Art Class. Eulerian Path
    Knocked out Wafle in Laments. Exploring The Underground Cave
    Worked part-time as a Tutor. Extra Class
    Daughter has a birthday. First Birthday
    Went to Ryujouji Kendo dojo. Flash
    Went to Ajisai Theater Company. Future Actress
    Helped house choirs. Good Kid
    Daughter became an adult. Graduation
    Daughter became a Thief. Great Car Thief
    Went to Platinum Sports Gym. Health Comes First
    Entered High School(15 years old). High School Debut
    Worked part-time at Himemiya Volunteer Society. Himemiya Volunteer Group
    Became a true friend with Sakakibara Hiroko. Hiroko's Mind
    Became a true friend with Kuroda Hitoshi. Hitoshi's Mind
    Daughter became a NEET. Home Security Guard
    Daughter returned to the Kingdom. Homecoming
    Became the Queen of foreign Honor of the Kingdom
    Became the Queen of the Kingdom. Honorable Return
    Daughter became a Geisha. How about today?
    Worked part-time at Swallow Tale. I'm a Chef Today
    Entered Jr. high School(12 years old). I'm now a Jr. high school student!
    Became a true friend with Keiko Ito. Keiko's Mind
    Became a true friend with Asakura Kenichi. Kenichi's Mind
    Became a true friend with Oda Kousei. Kousei's Mind
    Worked part-time at Lemon Mart. Lemon 24
    Became a true friend with Ikoma Leona. Leona's Mind
    Daughter became a Divorcee. Love and War
    Worked part-time as a nanny. Mary Poppins
    Daughter became a Medalist. Medalist
    Took Hosokawa's Tea Ceremony Class. Mental Training
    Became a true friend with Kobayakawa Michiru. Michiru's Mind
    Became a true friend with Hosokawa Miho. Miho's Mind
    Worked part-time at Frog Mark Moving Center. Move with Frog Moving
    Daughter became a Member of Society. Office Lady
    Took Ando Midori's Cooking Class. On-Premise
    Learned Karate at Blue Dragon Hall. Practical Orientation
    Daughter became a Princess. Princess Maker
    Started Princess Maker 5 game. Princess Maker 5
    Daughter became a Real Princess. Real Princess
    Knocked out Gato. Rest in Peace
    Worked part-time as a janitor. Rub Rub
    Became a true friend with Oohtomo Ryunoske. Ryunoske's Mind
    Became a true friend with Mori Sanjyuro. Sanjyuro's Mind
    Became a true friend with Ashina Sayori. Sayori's Mind
    Applied for Hamazaki Seminar. School Preparation
    Became a true friend with Akizuki Shinya. Shinya's Mind
    Worked part-time at Shuei Engineering. Social Experience
    Daughter married Cube. The One who was around
    Saw the Homecoming Ending. Together Forever
    Worked part-time at Starducks Coffee. Waitress
    Worked part-time at Cafe Meirin. Welcome to Cafe Meirin
    Knocked out Gelato. Welcome to The Garden of Fairy
    Worked part-time at a clothing store. Window Dresser

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