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Postal III Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Finish your business with Krotchy. AIN'T GOT COJONES!
    Take out all the criminal scum infesting Catharsis! ALL PERPS MUST DIE!
    150 kills using fire. ARSONIST
    Swap paths 5 times in one playthrough. BIPOLAR
    Piss 100 gallons of urine. CAMELBACK
    50 kills using cat. CAT WRANGLER
    50 kills using dog. CHAMP WHISPERER
    Make Venezuela peacemakers go home. COMMIES GO HOME!
    Complete game killing only males. DADDY NEVER LOVED ME
    100 kills using machete in melee. DANNY TREJO
    Disobey orders, given to you, and see what happens. DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON!
    Taze 200 victims. DON'T TAZE ME BRO
    Complete game using only the pistol. EASTWOOD
    Injure yourself. EMO
    50 kills using bees. ENTOMOLOGIST
    Respawn 20 times. FAIL ZOMBIE
    Complete Good path without falling off. I AM THE LAW
    Kill 1000 unarmed bystanders. JACK THOMPSON WAS RIGHT
    Euthanise 30 elderly folks. KAVORKIAN
    200 injured or death-crawling victims NOT finished off. MEGA-SADIST
    300 headshot/decap kills. NEUROSURGEON
    Beat game with zero kills.n(zombies and bosses don't count) PERSONAL JESUS
    Kill no animals in one playthrough. PETA CHAIRMAN
    Destroy 50 cars. PRODUCT RECALL
    Smash 50 windows. PROPERTY DAMAGE
    50 kills using boomerang machete. PSYCHO DUNDEE
    Kill/incapacitate 235 terrorists. REAL AMERICAN
    Return Thegways to the owner REPO MAN
    Arrest eco zealots leader. SAYANARA, TREE HUGGERS
    200 kills using M-60. SCHWARZENEGGER
    Escape from prison. SCOFIELD
    Beat the game once. No restrictions apply. Everyone's a winner. SPECIAL OLYMPIAN
    Complete game using only melee. STALLONE
    Suck up 500 items with the shop vac. SUCKTASTIC!
    Arrest 200 perps. T.J. HOOKER
    Choose path for the first time. THE CHOICE WAS YOURS!
    Spend 900 seconds or more in catnip bullet time. THERE IS NO SPOON
    50 badgersaw kills. WOLVERINES R GHEY

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Postal 3 Extended Cheating

    Create a shortcut for postal 3 to your desktop. It's found in wherever you installed Postal 3, for Steam it would be ../Steamapps/common/postal iii/. Now right click and press properties. At the end of the shortcut location add -console. Should now look something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\postal iii\p3.exe" -console. Alternately if you got steam you can find it in your library, right click, properties, set launch options and then add the -console here. To use the cheats below simply open up the console by pressing the ` (tilde key) and enter sv_cheats 1.

    Effect Effect
    host_timescale 0.1 Bullet time/Slowmotion
    notarget Enemies ignores you
    noclip Fly
    giveall Give all weapons
    god God mode
    buddha Never die (2)
    host_timescale 1 Return to normal speed from bullet time/slow motion

    Contributed by: FanaticGamer89, Cheater87