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PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure Cheats For Wii

  1. Starting boost in attractions

    In Bulbasaur's Daring Dash, Dusknoir's Speed Slam, or Absol's Hurdle Bounce, you can perform a starting boost by pressing 2 when the race begins, immediately following the countdown.

    Contributed by: mtpfreak 

  2. Passwords (EU)

    Effect Effect
    99645049 Celebi appears
    20433557 Darkrai's Appearance
    45594012 Groudon's Appearance
    82401777 Jirachi's Appearance
    57429445 Make Pikachu fly in Fly games
    04823523 Pikachu's Snowboard
    84925064 Pikachu's Surfboard

    Contributed by: aeroblaster7, acozeko7, Shiftofshape 

  3. Passwords (US)

    You can enter these passwords in the password setting in the main menu.

    Effect Effect
    58068773 Celebi Appears
    65967413 Darkrai Appears
    49446209 Groudon Appears
    73938790 Jirachi Appears
    99930457 Pikachu's Balloons
    67446162 Pikachu's Snowboard
    02970626 Pikachu's Surfboard

    Contributed by: suicunes_wrath 

  4. Passwords (JP)

    In the main menu, go to the passwords setting and enter the password for a variety of thing to happen.

    Effect Effect
    2115 4585 Celebi appears in the entrance area
    1670 3396 Darkrai appears in the House Zone
    9336 0553 Groudon appears in the Magma Zone
    8848 4977 Jirachi appears in the Stone Zone
    8037 3821 Pikachu's Balloons in Pelipper's Sky Flap Race
    4169 5651 Pikachu's Snowboard in Empoleon's Snow Slider
    7887 2252 Pikachu's Surfboard in Gyarados' Marine Slider

    Contributed by: shayminguy7 

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