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Pokemon Trading Card Game Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Peek at all of your prize cards.

    The prize cards often come in handy while in a heated battle. The only problem is they are turned face-down, so you have no clue which card you are going to pick up after you defeat an opposing card. This is the trick to break that rule:

    First, knock out the enemy's card, and when you are told to pick up a prize, choose any one you want. Remember which card you looked at, and reset your gameboy. Choose "Continue Duel" option, and you will resume right before you knocked out the enemy's card. Pick up another prize, and repeat the process until you either find a card you need, or until you know which prizes you have. This trick can really make the difference in a duel.

    Contributed by: Payzmaykr 

  2. 60 Free Energy Cards

    The tech in the upper-right corner of the Mason Laboratory will give you 60 free energy cards if you dont have any energy cards (other than the ones in your deck). If you want, you can just make your decks chock full of energy cards and then talk to the guy.

    Contributed by: PokemanicSean 

  3. See a coin flip before it happens.

    Coin flips are not random and happen in a pre-determined order. To exploit this, use an attack, trainer card, etc. that involves a coin flip. If the flip doesn't come up what you wanted, immediately turn off the game without leaving the screen that shows the coin. Turn the game back on and select Continue Duel. The duel will be where it was immediately before you had flipped the coin, but the outcome of the very next coin flip will always be the same as the one you just saw. This trick is extremely useful because you can keep from wasting trainer cards or attacts if you flip tails, and by skipping your turn you can even guarantee that your opponent's next flip will be tails.

    Note: Do NOT try this trick on the coin flip that determines who's turn is first, as your game will NOT save.

    Contributed by: i_luv_zelda_89 

  4. Pluspower + Zapdos

    Pluspower increases the damage of attacks by 10 and should not normally affect Pokémon Powers. Due to a coding oversight, Zapdos' Peal of Thunder is affected by Pluspower when the defending Pokémon is selected as the target. Since Scoop Up and Mr Fuji allow the effect to be repeated, the extra damage can be applied multiple times in the same turn to quickly win the game.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  5. Link Duel Starting Player

    In a linked duel, the player who presses A on the "waiting to connect screen" is asked to decide how many prizes are to be used. When the game has been freshly booted, this player will always be the one to win the opening coin flip. The opening hands and other random outcomes, such as further coin flips are calculated using the standard RNG procedure and synchronised between players.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  6. Duel Skip

    Press select to view the full board, then move the cursor to the lowest card. By pressing A immediately after the down button, the game is tricked into running the wrong subroutine. Sometimes this will crash the game, but in the North American version it will almost always end the current duel. The result is the same as the previous duel, hence by first winning one duel each subsequent duel can be skipped. With enough practice it is trivial to bypass most gameplay and complete the entire game in minutes.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  7. Fossil Mulligan

    Clefairy Doll and Mysterious Fossil can both be selected as your sole active Pokémon during setup. Due to being Trainer cards, however, opening hands containing these cards and no basic Pokémon are treated as Mulligans.

    This can be exploited to ensure your starting Pokémon is always the same without the penalty of having less Pokémon in your deck to evolve.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  8. Buggy AI

    Various coding errors exist in the subroutines for the AI opponent decisions. Most have no impact on gameplay beyond the AI making bad decisions. For example, Rick will never play his Energy Search since the game checks for cards that do not exist in his deck.

    The following glitches result in illegal moves by the opponent:

    Brandon will occasionally use Pokémon Trader to search for a grass energy when no basic Pokémon or evolution card can be found in his deck.

    John will occasionally play Pluspower, Professor Oak and Dodrio, resulting in the Retreat Aid Pokémon Power being used as an attack.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  9. Hidden Deck Machine

    Instead of collecting the legendary cards in the Hall of Fame, walk to the back of the room where a deck machine hidden from sight can be found. This is the only way to see the phantom Venusaur card, as it is unobtainable due to a coding error in the Card Pop algorithm.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  10. Peal of Thunder Error

    A coding error exists when determining the random target for Zapdos' Peal of Thunder Pokémon Power.

    First the game randomly decides a side, you or the opponent. Next a target on that side is randomly selected. When the newly benched Zapdos is selected as the target, the entire subroutine is called again.

    This has the consequence that the effect is more likely to choose a Pokémon on the opposite side of the board than your side, dramatically improving the ability. With Scoop Up, Mr Fuji and many trainers such as Bill to draw through the deck, it is much easier to win every game on the first turn than if the target was selected with uniform probability.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  11. Cloning Trick

    Ditto's Morph attack replaces the card itself with a clone of a random basic Pokémon other than Ditto found in the deck. This allows more than 4 of the same Pokémon to appear, which is normally forbidden.

    Clefairy and Clefable can also use Morph through their Metronome attack. By using Revive on the Clefairy discarded by Clefable's Morph, it is possible to acquire 16 of the same Pokémon in your deck.

    The cards are returned to normal after the duel however.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  12. Duel Machine

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the Grand Masters and get the Legendary Cards Duel Machine in Dr Mason's Lab

    Contributed by: A_Soggy_Rat 

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