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Pocky & Rocky 2 Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. View Ending

    Go to password screen (middle option on start screen)
    Enter password in Japanese
    Only works on Japanese version

    Effect Effect
    TA KE TO RI (hiragana) Ending

    Contributed by: real_mukimuki 

  2. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    HT1J Level 2
    V3BX Level 3
    F87N Level 4
    S2YP Level 5
    6DZ4 Level 6
    TR5C Level 7
    GZLR Level 8
    5K0Q Level 9
    0MW9 View ending

    Contributed by: dinobotmaximized, Retro, FFCrono 

  3. Level Passwords (Japanese Version)

    Enter any of the following passwords after selecting password (the middle option) on the main menu:

    Effect Effect
    あさつき Level 2
    ひめもも Level 3
    わたぬき Level 4
    うつせみ Level 5
    かたしろ Level 6
    うまおい Level 7
    せきれい Level 8
    ややさむ Level 9

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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