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Pocket Tanks Cheats For PC

  1. Unlimited Moves

    If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can perform this trick. Select whether or not you want to move your tank left or right and then roll the scroll wheel. Roll it up for left and down for right. As long as you keep rolling, your tank will keep moving for that move turn... but it only uses up one move!

    Contributed by: Steven Chase 

  2. Make Computer Move

    This trick only works if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse. On the computer's turn, scroll up to make the computer go to the left, and scroll down to make the computer go to the right.
    Note:If you just move the commputer back and forth on a flat surface, odds are that it will still hit you
    You can also mess with the computer's angle and power in the same way, but it will switch it to what it wants to fire at just as it fires.

    Contributed by: Dark Magician 49 

  3. Weapons cheat (Pre-Patch)

    Note: You need a scroll capable mouse to do this.
    Similar to the infinite move cheat, you can use a weapon over again, or make the computer use a horrible weapon such as a Tracer over and over. Here's how: Choose the weapon you want to use multiple times. Select it, aim, and fire. During the firing animation, choose a weapon you want to get rid of by hovering your mouse over the weapon list and scrolling with the scroll wheel. This makes the game think that you shot the weapon you're getting rid of, but you actually shot the weapon you want. Do the same for the computer, except choose their weapon for them.

    Contributed by: Czechnmymail 

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