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Pirates? Pirates! Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 42 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Buy treasure map Adventurer
    Have a drink in the tavern Bacchanal
    Board 10 ships Boarding man
    Sink an Royal Navy battle ship Bomber
    Defeat the skeleton Bone Breaker
    Get information about paprika and Krakeness Brave Pepper
    Survive the sea storm Breakwater
    Defeat 30 enemies Butcher
    Sink an enemy ship Cannon Eye
    Board 5 ships Chaser
    Recruit Runaway Boy Daddy
    Stay at sea for 10 weeks Deep Walker
    Defeat 5 enemies Duelist
    Escape from the battlefield Escapee
    Listen to former Briggs Cult member Fanatic
    Survive the calm sea Favourable wind
    Dig up any treasure Gold Digger
    Survive the Witch's Curse Granny's Nightmare
    Rewind time Immortal
    Sink 10 ships Interceptor
    Take the ship on board Invader
    Stay at sea for 35 weeks Kraken's Neighbor
    Go to the port Land-dweller
    Collect all the rings Lord of the Rings
    Defeat 15 enemies Murder
    Dig up all the treasures My Precious
    Win a training duel Opponent
    Find new minions... I mean recruits Overlord
    Find Phantom Mirrors Phantom
    Listen to the Sorcerer Rebel
    Stay at sea for 25 weeks Reef Grated
    Open strange chest Reigns
    Find an ancient book Scribe
    Board 15 ships Sea Predator
    Recruit Musician Sharp Ear
    Win in thimbles Sharpie
    Release prisoners and recruit one Spartacus
    Win Captains Duel Superior
    Recruit a mermaid-lover guy Tail Lover
    Get any enchantment Uniformed
    Open all the enchantments Walking Rig
    Get lost on the island Wanderer

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer