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Pipe Dream Cheats For PC

  1. Level Passwords

    Type the following codes to go to the appropriate levels:

    Effect Effect
    GRIP Level 01
    TICK Level 02
    DUCK Level 03
    OOZE Level 04
    PLAM Level 05
    BALL Level 06
    WILD Level 07
    HAYA Level 08
    ZAMI Level 09
    REAP Level 10
    SEED Level 11
    GROW Level 12
    POOM Level 13
    YALI Level 14
    DINK Level 17
    SPOO Level 21
    BORK Level 25
    TARR Level 29
    FOOZ Level 33

    Contributed by: monobrow, aehirst 

Pipe Dream Cheats For Amiga

  1. Level Passwords

    Enter the following at the password screen:

    Effect Effect
    REAP 13th Level
    SEED 17th Level
    GROW 21st Level
    TALL 25th Level
    YALI 29th Level
    HAHA 5th Level
    GRIN 8th Level

    Contributed by: The Limpopo Pixie, B.lu4R 

Pipe Dream Cheats For Commodore 64

  1. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    REAP Level 13
    SEED Level 17
    GROW Level 21
    TALL Level 25
    YALI Level 29
    HAHA Level 5
    GRIN Level 9

    Contributed by: Estoy Loco 

  2. Level select

    At the "Enter Your name" screen, type in "NinjaPip." Hit enter and you will be taken to a password enter screen. Enter in the following code to get level select.

    Effect Effect
    Gandy Level Select

    Contributed by: KurtisKocaine 

Pipe Dream Cheats For Amstrad CPC

  1. Level Passwords

    On the menu, you'll find the passwords option, which asks you to input a 4 letter word.

    Enter one of the following to skip to that level.

    FINE Level 05
    NEWS Level 09
    FAIL Level 13
    SAIL Level 17
    ERIC Level 21
    TAPE Level 25
    SLOW Level 29
    ACHE Level 33

    Contributed by: jimfish