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PGA Tour 2K21 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Win a rivalry in PGA TOUR Career mode. A Challenger Appears
    Win the Legends Championship. A Masterful Performance
    Score a hole-in-one on an official course. Ace
    Win the Royal Championship. Blue Blooded
    Max out your progression with any sponsor in PGA TOUR Career. Brand Loyalty
    Make a putt from more than 10ft after using a putt preview that also ended in the cup. Déjà Vu
    Finish a Scramble match. Egg-cellent Match
    Win the FedExCup. Express Delivery
    Hole the ball from off the green on an official course. Ferret
    Hit all fairways in regulation in an 18 hole round on an official course. FIR Collector
    Hit all greens in regulation in an 18 hole round on an official course. GIR Collector
    Hole the ball from a bunker on an official course. Golden Ferret
    Drive the ball 350 yards onto a fairway with a swing of 103% or more. I Have The Power
    Finish a round in a Private Match. Invite Only
    Earn $10,000,000 in a single PGA TOUR season. Making a Living
    Complete an 18 hole round with clubs from at least 5 different brands in your golf bag. Mixed Bag
    Sink 5 putts in a row in the putting practice without mulligans, or using Place Ball. Nananana
    Win a PGA TOUR Event. PGA TOUR event winner
    Finish a Skins match. Playing For Stakes
    Finish a round in Matchmaking. Playing With Others
    Earn a Handicap Index of +10 or better. Plus Ten
    Win the Northwest Open. Regent In The North
    Complete all the goals of a single sponsor contract in PGA TOUR Career. Reliable Contractor
    Earn a Handicap Index of scratch (zero) or better. Scratch Golfer
    Complete an 18 hole round with three ghosts. Team Spirit
    Win THE PLAYERS Championship. THE PLAYERS Champion
    Win the The Golf Club Championship. This Is Major
    Beat the last rival in PGA TOUR Career. Top Dog
    Earn all Trophies. TOUR Pro
    Shoot Par or better on 18 holes of an official course on Legend difficulty. True Legend

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