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Peggle: Dual Shot Cheats For DS

  1. Unlockables

    To unlock the following game modes, complete the following tasks.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Adventure Mode Unlock Challenge Mode
    Complete Adventure Mode Unlock Nights Adventure Mode
    Complete Nights Adventure Mode Unlock Nights Challenge Mode
    Collect 100 Gems Unlock Q Level 1 in Quick Play
    Go to Extras and wirelessly send the game trial to another DS unit. Unlock Q Level 10 in Quick Play mode
    Collect 300 Gems Unlock Q Level 2 in Quick Play
    Collect 500 Gems Unlock Q Level 3 in Quick Play
    Complete Adventure Mode Unlock Q Level 4 Quick Play
    Complete Nights Adventure Mode Unlock Q Level 5 in Quick Play
    Collect 1000 Gems Unlock Q Level 6 in Quick Play
    Achieve 1,000,000 cumulative style shots Unlock Q Level 7 in Quick Play
    Shoot the ball 1000 times Unlock Q Level 8 in Quick Play
    Score 500,000 points in a single Level Unlock Q Level 9 in Quick Play

    Contributed by: PyroJames, AENIGMA