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Patapon 2 Cheats For PSP

  1. Miracles/Jujus

    Call down Miracles If you have Obtained these Items, Perform X.XX.XX(DON, DON DON, DON DON) while in Fever Mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Invincible Dragon Majidonga LvL 3 Attack Miracle
    Finish Watchtower and Two Karmen Mission Blizzard Miracle
    Beat Fearful Tentacle Monster Darachura LvL 3 Defense Miracle
    Beat Living Fortress Cannodears LvL 3 Earthquake Miracle
    Finish Mushroom shroom shroom Nyokiri Swamp Mission in the Second Time. Rain Miracle
    Beat God General of Staff Hookmen Storm Miracle
    Finish Mystery of the Desert's Sandstorm Mission in the Second Time Tailwind Miracle

    Contributed by: germs666 

  2. Minigames

    They can be found in Patapolis and playing them can get you bonus materials, weapons, stews and even Ka-Ching!!

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Centura Lv.3 Fah Zakpon (Farming) Minigame
    Beat Nanjaro Hill Training Course Lv. 1 (only 1 cannon appears) Kon Kimpon (Mountain) Minigame
    Beat Juju Jungle Training Course Pan the Pakapon (Tree) Minigame
    Beat Phoeniti/Fennichi Lv. 3 Rah Gashapon (Cooking) Minigame
    Beat The Sky Castle where a God Lives (where you 1st see Dark Hero) Shuraba Yapon (Dancing) Minigame
    Beat Manboroth Lv. 3 Ton Kampon (Blacksmith) Minigame
    Beat Manboth Lv.3 Tsun Tunpon and Tsuku Tsukupon (Alchemy) Minigame

    Contributed by: joshua_8_2 

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Patapon 2 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Defeat a Level 5 boss without losing any troops. 5 and Counting
    Complete Level 3 of Fah Zakpon's minigame. A Bountiful Harvest
    Play Tsun Tunpon and Tsuku Tsukupon's minigame for the first time. A little bit of this, a little bit of that
    Perform 5 different songs during one mission. A Song For Every Occasion
    Perform the Earthquake Miracle. A Staggering Force
    Defeat Shookle. A Taste For Patapon
    Find a Wep and receive it's rewards. Ancient Markings
    Perform the Duck 'n' Cover Juju. Battle Hardened
    Defeat Mochichichi. Beware of the Beak
    Defeat Manboth. Big Game Hunting
    Defeat Dettankarmen. Break the Curse
    Perform 15 consecutive songs while in Fever mode. Can't Stop the Fever
    Perform the Storm Miracle. Cataclysmic Downpour
    Perform the Miracle of the Blizzard. Cold As Ice
    Unlock every memory in the Yumipon Evolution Map. Danger From a Distance
    Acquire a Demon Weapon. Demonically Dangerous
    Acquire a Divine Weapon. Divinley Dangerous
    Perform the Tailwind Miracle. Do You Feel a Draft?
    Unlock every memory in the Yaripon Evolution Map. Fear the Spear
    Defeat Fennichi. Feathers of Flames
    Acquire all 4 drums. Full Kit
    Defeat Dodonga. In the Name of Mater
    Complete Level 3 of Ton Kampon's minigame. Keep Hammering
    Defeat Kanogias. Malicious Machinery
    Complete Level 3 of Shuraba Yapon's minigame. Master of the Disco
    Raise a rarepon to Level 10. Rare Form
    Complete Level 3 of Kon Kimpon's minigame. Ready to Rock and Roll
    Defeat Garuru. Servant of the Underworld
    Complete Level 3 of Rah Gashapon's minigame. Soup for Simmer Slurp
    Perform the Brimstone Juju. Sting Like a Bee
    Unlock every memory in the Tatepon Evolution Map. Tatepons FTW!
    Beat the game for the first time. The Future is Bright
    Defeat Zaknel. Through Earth Like Water
    Unlock all trophies. To Earthend!
    Acquire a Babassa rarepon. Ultimate Rarepon: Babassa
    Acquire a Mogyugyu rarepon. Ultimate Rarepon: Mogyugyu
    Acquire a Wagyanba rarepon. Ultimate Rarepon: Wagyanba
    Complete Level 3 of Pan the Pakapon's minigame. Virtuoso
    Defeat Centura. Wash the Spider Down
    Perform the Rain Miracle. Wet Season

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold