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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats For GameCube

  1. Waluigi's Clothes

    Get both the W emblem and L emblem and put them on, Mario's hat and shirt will be purple and his overalls will be purple, just like Waluigi.

    Contributed by: Crystalking52 

  2. 8-bit Mario and partners

    In X-Naut Fortress, go in to the ventilation shaft in sublevel 2 and drop through the far right vent in to the dressing room. Open the curtain of the stall you fall in to and Mario and all his partners will become 8-bit (they will look as they would on an 8-bit system like the NES) until you leave the room. Entering the room the normal way via the door and going in to this stall, closing the curtain, and opening it again will not work.

    Contributed by: Alastor the Stylish 

  3. Get Ms Mowz.

    Complete the ??? problem at the Trouble center by finding the secret badge hidden in Hooktails castle. Return the badge to the mosue ontop of Zess T's shop, and she will join your team.

    Contributed by: Djalien 

  4. Super Mario World music

    When you get an important e-mail (ie; the e-mails from Princess Peach), wait a couple of seconds and you will hear music from Super Mario World.

    Contributed by: GreatGonzales 

  5. Mario called "Jumpman" by bystander

    In Glitzville, when you make a "comeback" after you beat Rawk Hawk the first time and fight your way to the finals, one of the spectators will, instead of cheering "Gonzales", or something to that effect, will cheer "Jumpman! I mean, who?" Jumpman was the original name for Mario before he was called Mario, IE back in the days of Donkey Kong Arcade.

    Contributed by: Crank Yanker 606 

  6. Easy Money and Items Early On

    As soon as Chapter 1 is available you can buy as many Sleepy Sheep as you can carry and/or store at the Rougeport Toad Bros. shop and you can sell them all at the Petalburg shop for a 2 coin profit each. Doing so will also give you 1 store point per Sleepy Sheep and an item per 10 store points, most of which are normally difficult to get at this point in the game. This strategy can be used to help defeat the Pit of 100 Trials before defeating Chapter 1's boss, among other benefits to having late game items early.

    Contributed by: the cool 

  7. Atomic Boo and Lucky Start

    In Creepy Steeple, after you've freed the Boos, stand still in the main room.
    Wait for some Boos to start sticking to you, the use your Super Hammer attack to shake them off. Do this twice, and the Boos will get mad and form the Atomic Boo. When beaten, he will drop the Lucky Start badge. This is needed if you want to fill up your Tattle Log and get all badges.

    Contributed by: baconlabs 

  8. Angered Rawk Hawk

    After you sign into the Glitz Pit and win a few fights, come into the main lobby to see Rawk Hawk being adored by his fans. Use Mario's Hammer or Flurrie to get rid of the fans, and when all of them are gone, Rawk Hawk will get mad and scold you.

    Contributed by: baconlabs 

  9. Ghost's Curse

    This really won't help you in your game, in fact, save before you do this, or you'll lose some game data. -- When you find the Ragged Diary in the Excess Train's Baggage Cart after meeting the ghost, read the diary and the ghost will appear out of nowhere really angry and curse Mario, earning you an instant game over.

    Contributed by: OmegaX 

  10. Missing Tattle Logs

    Missed any Tattle Logs, particularly boss logs? They are not gone for good. Check Professor Frankly's yellow trash can. You will find Tattle Logs thrown away for bosses and other once-only enemies. The log will only appear in the trash once you've gone past the last possible point to Tattle that enemy.

    Contributed by: Elranzer 

  11. Boggly Woods Solution

    On the shelf in the top-right hand of the screen in Professor Frankly's house, you'll find the solution for the 4 statues in Boggly Woods.

    Contributed by: Nintendax 

  12. Game Over before final boss fight

    In the Palace of Shadow, during the cutscenes before you fight the Shadow Queen, she will ask you if you want to join her (make sure you saved before the cutscenes). If you choose 'Yes', you will get a weird ending for the game in which you join the Queen, and get a 'Game Over'.

    Contributed by: MiStarMG 

  13. Perform FP-comsuming attacks without using FP

    If you use an FP-Consuming attack outside of battle(Such as a Spin jump) and get a first strike, you will use that move automatically in battle without using any FP at all.

    Contributed by: baconlabs 

  14. Easy Turtley Leaves

    Need more Turtley leaves for all of Zess. T's recipes? Easy. One way is to solve Kroop's trouble and he'll give you a Turtley leaf. If you ever need more, simply go in front of his house and behind the front fence and there'll be 3 bushs. Rattle each one and one of them should give out one. The bush that gives out the leaves always change and when you get one, you have to go off screen first and then come back. Quite handy if you want all the recipes.

    Contributed by: DrummerManiac 

  15. Ms. Mowz's Sequence Breaks

    When you obtain Ms. Mowz, approach a body of water. Activate her ability and immediately enter the body of water - the timing necessary to activate the glitch is fairly precise (3 frames after activation, or 1/20 of a second), but is doable as you can repeat this and heal as necessary until you get it right. When the fish in the water bite Mario and he is launched into the air, if you timed the glitch right you'll be launched into the air, but can this time actually move in mid-air as well. This can be used for numerous sequence breaks in the game - most prominently, entering the pipes to the Chapters 5 and 6 areas before you can normally access them from the Rogueport Sewers.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  16. Happy Lucky Lottery Manipulation

    Contrary to one's expectations, the Happy Lucky Lottery in Rogueport is not purely random. Internally, the game sets the day on which you'll win each of the prizes from the moment you buy a ticket - that is to say, the date on which you win each prize is preset from the moment you buy a ticket, as opposed to a random 1 in 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 shot. The date you win the prizes on are, from the day you buy the ticket:

    - 4th Prize (Life Shroom): 4 to 10 days

    - 3rd Prize (Ultra Shroom): 25 to 35 days

    - 2nd Prize (Lucky Day Badge then Zess Special after): 85 to 115 days

    - 1st Prize (Power Plus Badge then Zess Deluxe after): 335 to 385 days

    The exact date is always random but it is guaranteed to be one of the dates in those ranges. If you try within one of those ranges and don't win, then another date within that next range of days is chosen. (For example: if you buy a ticket and try in 7 days for 4th prize and lose, the next time you win is in 4 to 10 days.)

    What's also of note is that while the game will fine you 500 Coins for setting the GameCube clock back for the lottery, it won't even notice if you move it forward. Thus, to manipulate the lottery, all you must do is change the GameCube clock to be ahead the corresponding number of days, then play the lottery, and if you lose, do not save and change the clock ahead one further day. Repeat this as necessary (up to 50 retries for the grand prize) and you'll be able to claim your prize with ease!

    One final footnote about this is that once you win one of the prizes, you can't claim that same prize again without a new ticket. For example, if you win 2nd Prize, you cannot get 2nd Prize again without buying a new ticket, but you can still win the other three prizes if you've not won them.

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer 

  17. Gain Infinite Jump Height

    For this, you'll need to have Koops, and you'll need to find a cutscene that triggers based on your position, like those which trigger after you go a certain distance into a room. (The first cutscene in Flurry's house is an early example where you can do this.)

    You need to stand at a point in the room where the cutscene does not trigger. Then, using Koop's shell move in the field, you can jump into the air, and cross that line to trigger the cutscene. This will, if done correctly, cancel Koops' action and glitch out some internal data such that Mario has a jump "stored." This jump (and thus the glitch) is cancelled if Mario jumps at all using the button. However, if Mario attains any upward momentum otherwise - such as by walking up a step - you can press and hold the A Button as Mario walks upwards to have him jump and just keep going up for as long as you wish,

    Notably, this glitched state can be maintained across files - indeed, it is often easiest to abuse this way. (If you were using the Flurry cutscene for instance, you would thus leave her house after attaining the glitched state, and repeatedly walk into the bottomless pit nearby until you die, then load the file on which you wish to abuse the glitch.)

    Owing to this, you can do all sorts of sequence-breaking glitches. This is notably often done to obtain the Ultra Hammer during the prologue: just have the file you load be after the Lord Crump fight. But you can use this to break the game in other ways too!

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer 

  18. Games

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Do the "I must have that book" Sidequest By Toodles Boat Parlor Game
    Do the "Save My Daddy!" Sidequest By Pine. T Jr. Paper Parlor Game
    Do the "Try and find me!" Sidequest By Koopkook Plane Parlor Game
    Do the "Important Thing!" Sidequest By Frankie Tube Parlor Game

    Contributed by: Pentao 

  19. Rewards available in the Pit of 100 Trials

    For every 10 levels you complete in the Pit of 100 Trials, you'll earn a new badge or other item

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete levels 71-80 Bump Attack Badge
    Complete levels 51-60 Double Dip Badge
    Complete levels 61-70 Double Dip P Badge
    Complete levels 11-20 Fire Drive Badge
    Complete levels 81-90 Lucky Day Badge
    Complete levels 31-40 Pity Flower Badge
    Complete levels 91-100 Return Postage Badge
    Complete levels 1-10 Sleepy Stomp Badge
    Complete levels 41-50 Strange Sack (doubles inventory space)
    Complete levels 21-30 Zap Tap Badge

    Contributed by: scott3439 

  20. Debug Mode

    At the title screen press the button sequence X, B, R, B, Y, L; this will only work once, during the first time you are on the title screen in any given play session. This will enable crash reports if the game ever crashes, and you can press Z to see the game's build date.

    No other effects are known at this time.

    XBRBYL Debug mode

    Contributed by: duggie2 

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