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Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Coin Step Counter exploit.

    The Coin Step Counter accessory (purchased on Bonehead Island for 14,000 coins) yields 10,000 coins once Mario takes 10,000 steps. Steps are only registered while the accessory is equipped, and the counter will not register steps Mario takes against a wall. This means that taping the joystick so that Mario walks towards a wall will not yield coin. However, there is a workaround: if Mario attempts to walk up one of the slippery slopes in Ice Vellumental Mountain, he will slide back down the slope. This means if you tape the joystick so that Mario is walking toward the slippery slope, he will slide down and then walk right back up perpetually. Unlike steps Mario takes while against a wall, these do count toward the step count. This technique will yield approximately 169 coins per minute, or about 10,140 coins per hour. Tip: you can also lay a book or other object on top of the joystick to hold it toward the slippery slope.

    Contributed by: kts123 

  2. Trophies

    Trophies are special items Mario can unlock by completing difficult challenges throughout the game and by unlocking everything inside the Musee Champignon. After unlocking a Trophy, Mario can talk to the Toad inside the Museum to add it to the Trophies Collection inside the Treasure Gallery. There are a total of 15 of them to be collected, not including the one you obtain from getting all 15.

    After Unlocking everything in the Art Gallery Art Collector
    After Winning 200 Battles Battle King
    After Collecting 300,000 Coins (Not affected by spending them) Coin Collector
    Get every Collectible Treasure in the game. Collectible Collector
    After Unlocking everything in the Origami Character Gallery Origami Aficionado
    After Unlocking everything in the Origami Toad Gallery Origami Toad Collector
    After Defeating all 7 Paper Macho Bosses in a row on Scuffle Island Ring Champion
    After getting at least 100 points in the Shuriken Dojo's Expert Mode Shuriken Master
    After Unlocking everything in the Sound Gallery Sound Disc Collector

    Contributed by: Sonictrainer, Definitelyhuman 

  3. Secret endgame banners

    There are two secret achievements that the game never tells you about but records. If either of these is accomplished, a corresponding banner will appear in the ending picture in the credits.

    The game does not count either of these achievements towards 100%.

    Beat the game without equipping battle accessories. Gold fist banner
    Beat the game without getting a Game Over. Gold heart banner

    Contributed by: endergamer537 

  4. Secret Ending

    **Spoiler Alert!** This secret ending unlocks only after collecting all of Trophies in the museum (i.e. 100% completion of everything in the game)!

    Once that is done, beat the game again, and wait until the end of the Staff Credits sequence. The screen will cut back to the Origami Castle display featured near the end of the Origami Festival sequence, and will zoom in on the empty origami chairs sitting atop the origami castle. The Origami Master toad will suddenly walk in from the right side of the screen, and stop in front of the origami castle. He will then turn around towards the origami castle, and appear to add 2 "things" to the display. Once the Origami Master toad is finished, it will walk off screen to the right, and reveal that the 2 "things" added to the display were actually miniature origami versions of King Olly and Olivia (both seated in their respective origami chairs)! A touching finale to an otherwise heartbreaking ending.

    Collect all of the Trophies in the game (100% Completion) Secret Ending

    Contributed by: L337M4573RK