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Paper Mario: Color Splash Cheats For Wii U

  1. Super Flag Achievements

    There are six Flags/Achievements in this game, you can see them in the red District of Port Prisma, after you got a Achievement you can see a small Pic on a Flag and a Title, after you got all, you can see a small secret Ending after you beat the Final Boss again. I listed here the Titles and the original Description on how to unlock the Flags from the game.

    Purchase 200 Battle Cards from Prisma Cardware. Card Champion
    Perform 200 ''Excellent!'' attacks. Excellence Embodied
    Collect 10000 Coins to unlock. Gold Bug
    Repaint all colorless Spots to unlock. Honorary Paint Can
    Perform all Cutouts to unlock. Sizzlin' Scissors
    Defeat all Rock Paper Wizards to unlock. The One and Roshambonly

    Contributed by: blueYOSHI9000 

  2. New Banners

    In Violet Passage (and some other levels) you can see a Pirate Ship, in the cabin you can see 2 Banners, you can change them in Violet Passage! (Its easier to finish the Level first, after that, talk to the Toad at the right side)

    Get max Score on ''Hitting Targets'' New left Banner (Target)
    Get max Score on ''Hitting Coins'' New right Banner (Coin)

    Contributed by: blueYOSHI9000