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Overkill VR Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Buy a Barrett 98B Barrett 98B Owner
    Kill 1,000 enemies with the mounted machine gun Bullets for the Masses
    Call for a rocket raid 10 times Death From Above
    Buy a Desert Eagle Desert Eagle Owner
    Reach Rank 45 Elite Soldier
    Reach Rank 5 First Five
    Use 10 flash grenades Flashbanger
    Use 10 grenades Grenade Enthusiast
    Kill 100 enemies with the mounted machine gun Heated Barrels
    Buy an M4A1 M4A1 Owner
    Kill 500 enemies with the mounted machine gun Mounted Masacre
    Earn $1,000,000 My First Million
    Kill 10,000 enemies Nemesis
    Buy a P90 P90 Owner
    Finish every mission in East Slums Perfect East Slums
    Finish every mission in Factory Area 1 Perfect Factory Area 1
    Finish every mission in Quarry-North Perfect Quarry-North
    Finish every mission in Rail Yard Perfect Rail Yard
    Reach Rank 25 Quarter Century
    Buy an SCAR-H SCAR-H Owner
    Buy an SPAS-12 SPAS-12 Owner
    Kill 25,000 enemies Taking No Prisioners
    Kill 1,000 enemies That's Grand
    Call for a gatling raid 10 times Top Gun
    Reach Rank 15 Turned Fifteen
    Buy a UZI UZI Owner
    Reach Rank 35 War Veteran
    Kill 100 enemies Warming Up

    Contributed by: BartSmith