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Okamiden Cheats For DS

  1. New Game Plus

    Complete the story, save your game when prompted, and select Continue on the title screen to begin a new game with all the health and ink pots earned in the previous save, as well as bonus items you might have earned.

    Contributed by: SapphireWarg 

  2. End Game Unlockables

    Once you beat the game, several items can be unlocked depending on your efforts. Some will be unlocked by simply beating the game, but others have specific requirements. If you did not unlock a particular item but fulfill its conditions on New Game Plus, you will instantly gain that reward when you check its associated tome after completion.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete the Bestiary. Artist Spell (Ishaku's armor)
    Beat the game. Black Sun Spell (Dark)
    Beat the game. Celestial Music
    Complete the Treasure Tome. Moon Tribe Spell (Ice)
    Beat the game. Okamiden Scrolls
    Beat the game. Providence Crystal
    Beat the game. Restoration Spell
    Complete the Masterpieces. Sunrise Spell (Shiranui)

    Contributed by: xXMrGamerXx, discoinferno84 

  3. String of Beads

    By collecting all of Issun's Masterpieces, you'll unlock the String of Beads. This makes Amaterasu invincible and provides infinite Ink.

    Collect all of Issun's Masterpieces. String of Beads

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

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