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Oblitus Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Kill 5 enemies. 5 Enemies
    Beat all bosses in one run. All Boss Killer
    Beat any overworld boss. Boss Killer
    Collect all artifact pieces. Builder
    Reach the Caves area. Caves
    Unlock all enchantments and equipment. Enchant
    Beat the Final Boss. Final Boss Killer
    Burn all villagers in the Forest while your spear is on fire. Fire
    Kill an enemy with your spear offscreen. Offscreen
    Kill any boss without getting hit by it. Perfect
    Find all spear upgrade plants in one run. Spears
    Beat the game in 25 minutes. Speedrun
    Reach true ending. True Ending
    Unlock the Underworld. Underworld

    Contributed by: Guard Master