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  1. Console Cheat Codes

    First bring down the console by pressing F1. Then type racoiaws which enables the cheat mode.

    Now enter any of the following codes for the desired effect:

    help cheat---------------------List all cheats
    cheat ability-------------------Reset user abilities
    set god------------------------God Mode and unlimited Mana
    unset god----------------------Take off God Mode
    cheat health-------------------Refill health
    cheat mana--------------------Refill mana
    cheat level #------------------Advance to level #
    cheat spells #-----------------Set all spells to level #
    cheat gold #-------------------Get # gold
    cheat goto (name of place)---Go to specific area

    Contributed by: NeoGamer 

  2. Teleport through locked doors in quest mode

    Things you need:
    -Wizard class
    -trap spell
    -trigger trap spell
    -mark location spell
    -teleport to marker spell

    First of all, create a trap with a "mark location" spell inside of it. Then, pick your trap up and walk very close to the door you are trying to get through. Do not touch the door, but be close enough to drop something on the other side of it, since that's what you are about to do. Go into your inventory and drop your wizard trap on the opposite side of the door, simply by putting the trap where you shouldn't normally be able to see (since the door is closed). Trigger this trap using the trigger trap spell, then teleport to the marker that was inside of the trap using the appropriate teleport to marker spell! This little cheat can be used to save A LOT of keys which can later be used for chests, get through golden locked doors, or just get you through doors you can't find a key for. Enjoy!

    Contributed by: HelioIgnus 

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