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Nowhere Prophet Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Put 100 Beast followers into play. Beast Master
    Destroy 50 obstacles in one game. Bedlam
    Put 100 Bandit followers into play. Brigand King
    Rename a follower. By This Name
    Complete the campaign. Decrypted
    Put 100 dreaming followers into play. Dream Quest
    Complete the campaign in 250 days or less. Faster Than Light
    Win a battle with at least 10 excess damage on the enemy leader. Fatality
    Win a battle against a boss or elite enemy without your leader losing any health. Flawless Victory
    Put 100 Blue Devil followers into play. Forged Iron
    Put 100 Union followers into play. Hard Work
    Destroy 1250 enemy followers in battle. Legion-Breaker
    Put 100 Raj Guard followers into play. Loyal Royal
    Remove 25 leader cards. Memento
    Defeat 10 boss enemy leaders in battle. Monster Slayer
    Win 10 battles. Rookie
    Put 100 Machinist followers into play. Savvyhead
    Scrap 100 cards in battle. Scrap Metal
    Collect your first mythic follower. Simply the Best
    Win 200 battles. Soldier
    Put 100 Hilltribe followers into play. Steppenwolf
    Reach level 10 with your prophet. Stop Levelling
    Complete the daily challenge with a score of 25.000 or more. Superior Pilgrim
    Put 100 Drone followers into play. Tech Support
    Obtain all trophies in Nowhere Prophet. True Prophet
    Win 500 battles. Veteran
    Travel for a total of 7300 days. Wilderness Wanderer
    Put 100 Shiram followers into play. Will of the Gods

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold