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No Straight Roads Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Attach your first sticker to an instrument. Artsy
    Unlock your first skill. Baby Driver
    Successfully launch a planet towards DJSS using Zuke’s transformation. Balcony
    Defeat Tatiana. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    Defeat DK West on any fight without getting knocked out. Brother Bull
    Kill 50 swordfishes in a Sayu battle. Deep Sea Blue
    Select RESTART in GIG OVER screen for the first time Do or do not, there is no try
    Destroy the falling satellite. End of the Road
    Defeat Eve. Fall of Eden
    Defeat DK West for the first time. From East to West
    Defeat 1010 without getting knocked out. Hasta La Vista
    Recruit Gigi. Kool Man
    Defeat Yinu without getting knocked out. Mama Told Me
    Finish all boss fights on “Perfect Parry” mode. Master Yourself, Master the Enemy
    Have 4 stickers on any instrument. Master’s Degree in Fine Arts
    Equip 4 damage stickers on an instrument. Maximum Damage
    Defeat Sayu without getting knocked out. Mermaider
    Have your first interview with a DJ. One Hit Wonder
    Finish all boss fights on “Parry” mode. One With the Music
    Pick up a sticker in the city. Ooooh, Shiny!
    Defeat Eve without getting knocked out. Poker Face
    Defeat Yinu. Puppet Petals
    Defeat DJ Subatomic Supernova. Reach for the Stars
    Defeat Sayu. Real Human Being
    Defeat 1010. Robot Rocked
    Unlock all skills in the game. Rock Right Now!
    Obtain all trophies in No Straight Roads. Rock VS The World
    Finish all boss fights on “Hard” mode. School of Hard Rocks
    Take the Ellie-copter for the first time. See You Later
    Equip 4 movement speed stickers on an instrument. Supersonic Man
    Use Burning Hair Fashion against Eve. Sweet Revenge
    Recruit Kliff. The Coincidence Man
    Defeat DJ Subatomic Supernova without getting knocked out. To the Moon and Back
    Feed the Ellie-gator 5 times. Under the Sewer
    Collect 22 collectibles. Vinyl City Detective
    Collect 8 collectibles. Vinyl City Enthusiast
    Collect 4 collectibles. Vinyl City Fanboy
    Collect 14 collectibles. Vinyl City Paparazzi
    Collect 18 collectibles. Vinyl City Stalker
    Collect all collectibles. Vinyl City Super Fan
    Finish the Audition. Vinyl’s Got Talent
    Finish all boss fights on “Crazy” mode. Virtually Insane
    Activate first 5th tier skill in the game. We are the Bob-Omb!
    Defeat Tatiana without getting knocked out. Yas Queen Slay
    Destroy 8 robots in a 1010 battle. You Can’t Charm Me
    Power up all mini Qwasa devices. You Got The Power
    Power up one mini Qwasa device. You Got The Touch

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold