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NieR Replicant Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Trophy Trophy
    Defeat Goose within two minutes. A Dirge for the Hero
    You caught one of every type of fish. A Round by the Pond
    Defeat a berserking shade within one minute. A True Friend
    You defeated the Shadowlord A World in Flux
    You rode a boar for at least 5 minutes All Aboared!
    Destroy the world-saving tome within one and a half minutes. Book Burner
    Defeat P-33 within four and a half minutes. Boss of the Junk Heap
    You viewed the first ending (Ending A) Call Her Back
    Pull off a 50-hit combo. Combo Fanatic
    Pull off a 100-hit combo. Combo Master
    Read the final novel segment. Educated Warrior
    You caught a rhizodont. Fish of Legend
    You upgraded 30 weapons to their maximum level. Forging Master
    Complete 30 quests. Go-To Guy
    Complete 20 quests. Jack of All Trades
    You unlocked the key to the Shadowlord's castle Key Collector
    Defeat Gretel within two and a half minutes. King of the Lost Shrine
    You successfully cultivated the legendary flower. Legendary Gardener
    You completed the game within 15 hours Lightspeed Fighter
    You viewed the second ending (Ending B). Lingering Memories
    Accumulate 1,000,000 pieces of gold. Man of Means
    You collected 50 types of raw materials Material Hunter
    Defeat the betrayers within two and a half minutes. Permission Granted
    Defeat Roc within three and a half minutes. Protector of Facade
    You upgraded 15 weapons to their maximum level. Reform Specialist
    You freed Kaine from her petrification Release
    Defeat Wendy within eight and a half minutes. Scourge of the Aerie
    You viewed the fourth ending (Ending D). Something Very Special
    Defeat the betrayers within three and a half minutes. Soul Crusher
    You viewed the third ending (Ending C). Thank You
    Grimoire Weiss joined your party The Book of Legend
    Congratulations! Thanks for playing! The Final Verse
    Learn every type of magic. The Magic Man
    Emil joined your party The Mellow Companion
    Defeat the Shade inside you within three and a half minutes. The Once and Final King
    You killed 100 sheep The Sheep Wisperer
    Defeat someone you care for within three and half minutes. The Strongest Bond
    Kaine joined your party The Wild Companion
    You upgraded 5 weapons to their maximum level. Upgrade Apprentice
    Complete 10 quests. Village Handyman
    Find every weapon. Weapons Collector
    Collect 50 percent of all words. Wordsmith

    Contributed by: Guard Master, Mookiethebold, mocha 

  2. Alternate Endings

    There are four alternate endings, after beating the game you will get the chance to save, you can load up that save to start again from the second half of the game. The second playthrough provides many additional story scenes not seen in the first and the third playthrough provides you with the option of endings C and D, or ending B again if you fail to meet the criteria for those endings. Beware that getting ending D will delete all of your save data except the game's system data (the settings save file, not the actual install data) and when creating a new game if you try to name the protagonist the same name you did in your previous game you will be told "Unfortunately, that name cannot be used."

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game. Ending A
    Beat the game with clear data after beating ending A. Ending B
    Beat ending A and B, collect all 30 weapons and fight a boss after the A/B playthrough final boss, when given a choice choose the top one. Ending C
    Beat ending A and B, collect all 30 weapons and fight a boss after the A/B playthrough final boss, when given a choice choose the bottom one. Ending D

    Contributed by: CassyChan