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NCAA College Football 2K2 Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Audible Opponent's Defense (Computer Only)

    This works best with 2 players or 2 controllers. Have both players be on the same team after you pick your play have the first player do an audible. Imediately after have the second player pick an audible (before your offense finishes rearanging their position) If done correctly and on time the second player will be able to pick the defense's play.

    Contributed by: Me 

  2. Spot Fake Field Goals

    When kicking a field goal or extra point, you can tell it's a fake if the net is not up behind the goalpost.

    Contributed by: Gopher Boy D 

  3. Announcers Left Speechless

    If you score over 200 points, the announcers will just say the other team's score. For instance ''Wisconsin 43, Illinois...''

    Contributed by: SCStunner316