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NBA 07 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. New Alternate Road Uniform

    Input in Trophy Room

    Effect Effect
    JKL846ETK5 Charlotte Bobcats
    NB79D965D New Jersey Nets
    228GG7585G Utah Jazz
    PL5285F37F Washington Wizards

    Contributed by: Raven919 

  2. Unlock all NBA.Com Trophy items

    Select "NBA" from the main menu, then choose "Features" and finally "Trophy Room." Press R1 to move to the "NBA.COM" page and the following code:

    Effect Effect
    UROMASTYX1 Unlock all Trophy items

    Contributed by: shadowcore76 

NBA 07 Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Extra Uniforms

    Enter in the codes input screen.

    Effect Effect
    155FF33AA Bulls jersey 95
    JKL846ETK5 Charlotte Bobcats secondary road uniform
    5F89RE3H8G East All-star
    EL2E3T8H58 Hornet's Valentine's Day
    NB79D965D2 New Jersey Nets secondary road uniform
    228GG7585G Utah Jazz secondary road uniform
    PL5285F37F Washington Wizards secondary road uniform
    2H5E89EH8C West All-star

    Contributed by: DeonteBaller, sephirosuy, johnthehunter22