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Namco Museum DS Cheats For DS

  1. Secret Game - Super Xevious

    Go to Xevious, then press Settings (2). Hit "Hardcore Options", and hit Xevious Version. Choose "Super Xevious", and touch "Confirm".You will now be able to choose Super Xevious from the arcade and Score Attack menus.

    Super Xevious is a more difficult version of Xevious that was originally given a limited release.

    Contributed by: Hammerbrodude 

  2. Dig-Dug 2 Old Version

    Go to the Arcade Menu then go to Dig-Dug 2. Go to the menu by touching the screen or by pressing L+Start. Go to Settings (2) and then go to Hardcore options. Press "New Version" and switch it to Old. Now when you go to the Arcade Menu you can choose Dig-Dug 2 Old version.

    Contributed by: DSmaster007